What’s Spirituality for people in the new country I moved to, I asked myself, as many of them shied away from me  mentioning only the word. I got answers like “we are Christians and have nothing to do with that” or “we believe in what we see”. And I asked them “but didn’t even the Bible teach us to believe in things we can’t see” or “can you see God?” For me God, Buddha, Allah are names for an Universal Energy that not only surrounds us but is even within us. It’s our Inner Self-healing Power, it’s our intuition that shows us our very own personal and individual path through life. To believe in the daily and present flow of life and to believe in oneself, that’s spirituality for me.


In Love with the world

I remember preparing a big Open House in fall last year after putting posters about my energy work everywhere in the region, expecting a lot of new people to come, who would be interested in what I’m doing, but only my close friends were with me. Instead of being happy about them spending a nice afternoon with me I climbed up a little hill in my fields in the evening crying and asking God, if he would take care for me. As I wasn’t able to meditate I stood up to walk to the house but suddenly saw something in the dirt and had to pick it up. I couldn’t believe that it was an old one Dollar Coin and I laughed through my tears and thanked God for opening my eyes again. So I learned again what I already knew long before: Enjoy your life, enjoy your friends and trust in finding the right way! Damaste!


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