Reiki is the Japanese word for: “Spiritual/Devine (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki)”

It’s a energy healing method that was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui who went on a vision quest to the top of a holy Japanese mountain and had an apparition of very ancient symbols in a stream of light. Reiki is based on the concept that every being is a form of energy, derived from an universal source to with this being is connected throughout its life. There also exist an unseen connection of “energy wheels” on various parts of the body which supply this positive energy to the underlying organs as force that sustains life anchakrasd maintains the normal function of the organ. The sanskrit for the energy wheel is CHAKRA. Is a person suffering from an illness, the normal speed of the turning wheel is either faster or slower than normal. This inbalance causes a reduction and weakend supply of life force energy – the Inner Self-Healing Power! A Reiki giving person who acts as a connection between the client and the universal source of energy can correct this imbalance and strengthen the self-healing power by a flow of energy through the hand chakras. Reiki can be given by a direct touch or a distant method without physical connection between donor and recipient.

REIKI is an unique, relaxing and healing Power for everyone! On your way from Level One to Mastery there will be wonderful years and experiences of personal growth and endless love and forgiveness for yourself and others.


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