Fairytales, Myths and Archetypes

“Fairy Tales are the purest and simplest expression of collective unconscious psychic processes. Therefore their value for the scientific investigation of the unconscious  exceeds that of all other material. They represent the archetypes in their simplest, barest and most concise  form. In myths, legends and fairytales we get at the basic patterns of the human psyche through an overlay of cultural material.” (V. Franz, 1996)

Let’s remember the experience of listening to a fairy tale as a child! Let’s find out why we were so enthralled by these tales! There is no interpretation, there’s more experimental role playing and discovering the missing parts of one’s unconsciousness, awareness of emotions while acting and gathering new experiences.

This workshop is undescribable fun and at the same time such an enrichment for the personal growth! Try it – you’ll love it!

Fairy Tales are more than true;

not because they tell us that dragons exist,

but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten

(G.K. Chesterton)


Mystic icy impressions

It once upon a time a magic bush .....


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