It’s all about energy

Inner Peace

Inner Peace

What’s energy? Where can we find it?


Famous Quantum physicists like Albert Einstein could prove that everything consists of energy.

Ø  We can feel energy in form of heat.

Ø  We can feel energy in form of vibrations.

Ø  We can hear energy in form of music.

Ø  We can see energy in form of lightening or sparks. 

But are we aware that we consist of energy and that we are able to store or exchange energy?

In psychology we are talking about energy patterns.

Ø  Collective energy patterns already exist before we are born in form of a collective in heritage from the generations that lived before us.

Ø  Family energy patterns that arise from adopting the beliefs, morals and codes of ethic of our parents without questioning them as little children.

Ø  Personal and individual energy patterns created on our own by making life experiences.

Those 3 energy patterns altogether are responsible for our picture of the world and our life. They are responsible for our belief system, our codes of value, honour and ethic.

Imagine how much energy there is be between people meeting and having a conversation. Every thought they are thinking is energy, every word they are talking.

As we heard already, thoughts can create the experiences you make in your life.

Henry Ford once said “If you believe you can or you can’t. You’re always right.”

That’s what in psychology is called self-fulfilling prophecy.

And words – they can hurt, they can heal, they can provoke, and they can agitate. And whatever is said can’t be made unsaid again.

So it’s easy to understand that energy is in motion all the time.

Therefore we always have a slight imbalance, an under or over energy in our body. That’s not bad because there’s a divine energy in everybody of us, the self- or inner-healing energy that does nothing else than balancing work all the time.

But now imagine a scale: on one side there is emotional and mental stress that’s ignored and suppressed and that causes such an imbalance in the system of body, mind and soul that the inner-healing energy gets weaker and weaker and can’t balance anymore.

That’s the point where severe illnesses are developed. And some of us go from doctor to doctor, from drug to drug and from surgery to surgery……. till life is over.

But some of us become aware of how inconsiderate they were treating their body, take responsibility, search ways of changing their lifestyle and get healthy again.

And that’s when my work begins. By counselling I try to help people recognizing the causes of their problems and finding their own solutions for solving them.

Then I can balance their energy system with one of my techniques like for example Reiki or EFT in order to strengthen their inner healing energies again and accompany them on their way of healing themselves.


The energy of the mind is the essence of life! (Aristoteles)



The holistic philosophy of Energy Medicine by Caroline Myss PH.D.


I am responsible for the creation of my health. I therefore participated, at some level, in the creation of my illness. I can participate in the healing of my illness by healing myself, which means simultaneously healing my emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual being.





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