EFT and Beliefs

The first time I ever heard of beliefs was in one of the workshops for the Master Certificate in Kinesiology. In the beginning I thought it’s only about the quotes, proverbs and sayings in our original family while growing up because our trainer wanted us to make a list of what our parents, grandparents and relatives taught us about our gender, education, work and success and highlight the most important for every topic.

My summary of the beliefs that influenced me most in my life  looked like this:
  • Success is only for men, women are supposed to stand behind them in the shade, shut up and do their household duties! 
  • Without having a doctor title / without visiting university man shouldn’t even have the opportunity to become rich or successful!
  • Only unpleasant, very hard and exhausting work will bring money and success! If you earn money too easily, you don’t deserve it!

My parents were so convincing that I didn’t even doubt that they could be wrong. Not as a teenager, not with 20, not with 30. And now I was asked why I would spend so much money on this education when I’m convinced that I can’t be successfully earning money or starting a business with it anyway, being only a woman without university degree. And I noticed that those beliefs continue living in the subconsciousness even if you try to forget them. I dare to say, they poison your life! So our group started to change the negative beliefs into positive affirmations and we balanced the energy system of the body-mind-spirit triangle to free ourselves from those limiting thoughts. And I became aware that our experiences we make every day form our thoughts and those thoughts become our deeds. And I became aware how important it is not to let ourselves down by bad experiences. Whenever I have one of those bad days on which none of my planed activities work out, I’m starting to think in bigger dimensions. I’m thinking of what worked out very well during this week. I’m grateful for the good and enjoyable things I experienced which perhaps were even more important than what happened on this one bad day.

And I’m TAPPING because EFT gets me back on track:

For example: Even if the computer expert didn’t help me with troubleshooting, although I bought this very expensive laptop, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even if I felt hurt by his abrupt behaviour, telling me that my problem is not important enough for him to do a deeper research and it would be a waste of time for him, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. Even if I felt not important enough for him as a client and I perhaps I wasn’t persistent enough, I deeply love and forgive myself. Even if I’m very angry and I will never buy any computer from him in my whole life, I know I’m a great person anyway.

There’s such a relief and all the anger is gone at once. I can start thinking and deciding clearly about the next step.

Tapping on your issues is like peeling an onion! Sometimes with tears!

Tapping on your issues is like peeling an onion! Sometimes with tears!

I can feel my personal power and self-esteem again.

With EFT everybody can find her/his personal freedom and joy of life so easily. I want to repeat David Craig’s invitation: Try it on everything!

And I want to give a very nice positive proverb as a gift to you that works very well for me: 

Success is doing what you like and make a living of it!


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