EFT – The importance of working with a skilled Therapist

Gary Craig - EFT Founder
Gary Craig – EFT Founder

People are often asking me, why they should visit a workshop or a therapist when they can read about the basic recipe and watch some DVDs.


I want to list the two most important reasons:

  • There are traumatic events that come up with such a great intensity, making it impossible and sometimes even dangerous for a person to deal with it on him/herself!
  • Often a certain technique of questioning/counselling is needed to find out the hidden aspects or the core issue.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, repeatedly stresses the importance of working with a skilled practitioner who goes beyond what we call “mechanical tapping” to really uncover core issues and hidden beliefs.

Besides another wonderful thing about a workshop is that you get to know new people, you’re not feeling alone with your problem any longer and even if some tears are running there is a lot of laughter and joy, too.

As a specialist I can help you through issues too traumatic and intensive to handle them yourself. Being a NLP Master, I use a lot of various techniques like rapport, re-framing or sleight of mouth and even trance (Milton Erickson) to ensure that your healing journey is as safe as possible. I support you in becoming aware of your beliefs and emotions and together we soften the intensity around them, with the help of EFT, till they are gone or changed. Especially during a one on one session there’s an undiscribable magic energetic heart/love connection between therapist and client that allows to work with intuition and go with the energy flow. Working together we can release all the self-sabotage patterns that kept you from enjoying a life of emotional freedom.

My next workshop “EFT-The Fundamentals” is on Saturday, May 30, 2009.


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