A wonderful EFT metaphor ….

EFTLogo1Some days ago I was asked to explain the discovery statement and “how EFT works”  in a more easier way so that everybody can understand it.

I was thinking about Gary Craig’s metaphors with the “zzz” in the TV and the batteries in an electric device but as I’m more connected to nature and have no TV since the year 2000 (I don’t miss it at all !!!), I wanted to find something different. Something that fits into the gorgeous wide open land of this wonderful North American Continent.

And here it is: Imagine, there are a lot of rivers running through your body in deep creeks (these are the Meridians, the body’s energy channels). The beaver (your inner saboteur, telling you all the old beliefs, negative thoughts and causing the traumatic emotions) is keen on building his dams for him and his family in as many rivers as possible. So it happens that on one side of the dam the water rises and is stopped from flowing (that’s when your pains, diseases or depressions arise).

Now you have to get rid of the beavers and force them to move out of their housing, because the more water is on the one side of the dam, the more force there is, when it breaks through (the bigger the imbalance, the worse for your body). So we start on bugging the beavers till they’re fed up  and move (what’s done by tapping on the Meridian Points). Then we’re removing the beaver dams (different aspects of an issue) and the water can flow again (generalizations effect).

After an EFT workshop you’re not only able to remove the old beaver dams but also to prevent the building of new ones.

My next EFT – The Fundamental Workshop is on June 27, 2009 and you’re welcome to join!

Cheers and Hugs from Monika!