“I hate this posing,” she said…….

“No problem,” I said “I will catch your beauty in a very special unique moment and perhaps you won’t even notice.” and we talked and laughed and the camera in my hands was forgotten…….

I love this photo! I could look at her for hours! She is so beautiful! She’s my friend!


Reiki for a young couple in love

My cell phone was beeping and a very special friend of mine was asking me, if I could do a Reiki session for her and her new boyfriend. “What a wonderful idea!” I typed back and I remembered the words Helen Keller said in “Chicken soup for the Soul”: ” The best and most wonderful things of the world can’t neither be seen nor touched…. but they can be felt deep in the heart!” Reiki is a Divine and Loving touch that can be felt deep in the heart and it can strengthen the bond between two lovers. I was very excited and praying for sunny weather. It turned out to be a very special Reiki session, laying in the grass under the rustling leaves of a tree, surrounded by twittering birds and caressed by the warmth of the sun. “I could feel my grandma was here” my friend told me happily when we had our cup of tea together after the session. “And I could see all the colours of the rainbow” her boyfriend added “And I felt an incredible warmth on some parts of my body!” After some hugs and good wishes I waved good-bye and had some tears in my eyes. What a wonderful experience!R2

My next Reiki Level 1 Workshop is on August 22/23, 2009. Register now!

Reiki Level 1 Workshop in August

My first Reiki Workshop for Level One is coming up soon! It will be very extensive and therefore take two days!reikiin

Reiki – Level 1


Saturday August,22nd and 23rd 2009 from 9-5pm

To register:

Contact: Monika Marguerite Lux

Call me:   204-…  or write an e-mail: monimike@xplornet.com

Visit my Blog: doublemranch.wordpress.com

Learn about a very ancient Japanese Healing Method, rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, which creates deep relaxation, aids the body to release stress and tension and accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities!

Reiki healing energy is a tool for use anytime, anywhere for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and quick energy.

You will discover:

  • Ø What’s Reiki and its Benefits
  • Ø The History and The Five Principles
  • Ø The Four Attunements
  • Ø Reiki Ethics
  • Ø Hand positions for  Self-Treatment and helping Others
  • Ø Grounding and Shielding
  • Ø The Seven Chakras and how to balance them
  • Ø The Cleansing Procedure

Early Birds, who register in July, get  20%  off!!!


EFT – The Fundamentals Workshop on July 25, 2009 !!!!