Family “SECRETS” and HEALTH Problems

Why are there so many children who get very sick already as babies, often short after their birth?

What causes SKIN DISEASES like Eczema, Neuro Dermatitis or severe Allergies?

With EFT language you would say the baby’s energy system is disrupted. With the language of FAMILY CONSTELLATION the answer is: a family member has lost his/her place in the family system. Nobody talks about this family member anymore because he/she is dead or excluded because of moral codes “invented” by the society. Examples are: mentally disabled children, children given away for adoption or aborted children.

As there is no place for them in society which pretends to be so religious, holy, politically correct, perfect and innocent, there’s also no place in the family. It would be such a “shame”, wouldn’t it?

But imagine there would be a system of unconditional love that has the only law that people always give their best depending on their personal growth at the present moment in their lives. Nobody is better or worse than anybody else but everybody has to be honest and communicate each and everything to all the other members of the system. There is no punishment but healing….

Nice dream, you may say, but in family constellation you can see how the healing process can be started as soon as there’s given place to a family member or as soon as every family member becomes part of the family.

In Holistic Healing the skin represents the “Map of the Soul”and the “Personal, private Protection Shield”! A skin disease shows us that either a part of the world or a person is denied or there’s aggression against oneself for being born – as a result of guilt.

As a therapist I would immediately ask for family members that are excluded or dead and if somebody would tell me about an aborted child I would know that there lies the biggest part of the baby’s skin disease. Because this baby (soul) knows about the dead sibling even if nobody ever talked about it or even still tries to forget this hurtful pain connected to the memory. This baby feels guilty because it is allowed to be alive and it tries everything to connect to the brother’s/sister’s soul and give him/her a place in its family. This baby doesn’t want to look lovely for its mom and dad or become their undevided attention because it can feel that its parents don’t want to give part of their attention to their dead child who still belongs to the family. Sometimes the father doesn’t even know about this child because the mother became pregnant with a former partner and never told her husband. But SECRETS like this can really destroy a family.

In therapy it is a very painful process for a mother to admit her past actions. But any repressed memory will pop up again and again when there’s a special trigger and as soon as the mother can face it, forgive herself and honour her dead child the healing process not only sets her free, but helps her sick child, her marriage and finally her whole life!

For me the most impressing picture is the cover of the German book “Seinen Platz finden” (To find one’s place) by Constanze Potschka-Lang, that shows the connection of Family Constellation Therapy, Kinesiology and NLP.

I'll honour you as my CHILD and give you a place in my heart!

I'll honour you as my CHILD and give you a place in my heart!


Nature made this Reiki workshop unique!

I’ve always been dreaming to do my initiations or attunement (as they are called nowadays) outside surrounded by nature, supported by mother Earth and protected by the large blue and sunny sky. And my dream came true this weekend!!! As my Reiki groups are not extending 4 persons the little group of three participants was really perfect to work with. I was proud to have a male group member who was really keen on learning the hands-on energy healing method from Japan. I tried to finish in time but as there are always very personal issues participants want to deal with, it was between 5:30 and 6 pm when we said good-bye. And we all agreed that it is simply not possible to do any Reiki workshops on one day.

The outline of the workshop included:
– Reiki Healing and its Health Benefits
– Heart Connection Meditation/Communication
– The Reiki Code of Ethics about dealing with the person who is treated
– The history of Rediscovery by Dr. Mikao Usui
– The 5 Principles, their meaning and how to work with them daily
– 2 initiations on the first, 2 on the second day
– The hand positions for treating others and treating oneself
– Important rules for giving Reiki
– Dancing Meditation for Body/Presence-Awareness
– The holistic philosophy of energy medicine
– The Seven Chakras, their definition, meaning and how they affect us
– Different methods to balance the Chakras
– A Chakra Balance with Affirmations and Tunes
– The 21 days of Cleansing
– Burning Bowl and Letting Go of Anger and Worries Ritual
– Certification: Reiki Lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Hayashi, Takata Furomoto, Horst H. Guenther, Edith Guenther, Werner Utzmann, Carmine Mutalipassi, my Master Werner Stang and me Monika Marguerite Lux
– Feed back

Have a look at some photos:

Wow, I look like one of those girls in the jeans advertisements

I love “artistic creating” in my digital darkroom and I love when I do the “wow-effect” for my clients. She was surprised and said to me: “That’s like looking at the pages of a glamour magazine. I didn’t know how a picture of me can look like. Normally I don’t like photos of me and now I want to send them to all my friends and relatives and tell them: Look that’s me!”

What do you think?

 All photos copyright by Monika Marguerite Lux / Natural Photography!