Sound Bowl Massage & Meditation


Music is native and healing to the human mind. There’s no culture on earth that doesn’t have it and our brains are wired to apprehend and be moved by its magic. Singing bowls can give access to a field of unlimited healing possibilities through their magic and internal effects: Broken Heart, Depressions, Stress and Muscle Tensions, Rheumatism, Tinnitus and Soft Detox are only a few indications.
The human body is a living entity of vibrations and wavelengths. A healthy organ and muscle is well tuned and vibrates only at its own frequency. Since we are made up mostly of water, our bodies react the same way as water does. The vibration from the bowls resonates with the body allowing each molecule to reverberate at this higher healthier very personal frequency.
During a treatment the client lays fully clothed on the massage table, the bowls are placed on certain parts of the body and then played. The receiver will then enter a deep meditative state where relaxation occurs. The client will often receive insights, gain answers to long sought after questions, experience deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and sometimes even have out of body experiences.

“I don’t like the idea of someone massaging me. With soundbowl massage 
no one does. Soundbowls are placed on the body. Monika played them 
(using a mallet) with her “intuition”. This experience was exquisitely 
beautiful. I felt the healing tones and vibrations to my core. I can’t 
recommend this type of massage highly enough. I look forward to having 
it again.” Cathy, Sandy Lake

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