In all the ancient cultures you can hear and read about the SEVEN-YEAR-CYCLE in a human being’s life. Some interprete it as Chakra cycle, others say it’s about the holy number “7”. I believe in this cycle and I share the following insights with a lot of spiritual energy workers:

  • From birth to seven years you’re learning to live and to SURVIVE.
  • From eight to fourteen years you’re learning what works and what doesn’t work from your parents and your own experiences.
  • Fifteen to twenty-one years you’re testing your concepts and ideas and develop your beliefs (what’s true for yourself).
  • Twenty-two to twenty-eight years you’re improving your ways of being, break the taught patterns or remain loyal to it.
  • Twenty-nine to thirty-five years you’re questionning your concepts about yourself, your life and your integrity (stick to your principles).
  • Thirty-six to forty-two is the HEALING CYCLE: as you became aware of your patterns of the past and your subconscious beliefs come to life, you now can decide what you will carry forward and what you will not. You’re definetely starting on your spiritual journey and you’re noticing that surrounding yourself with positive people is more important than any materialistic things.

Look in your eyes and smile at yourself!

  Look in your eyes and smile at yourself!
 Iyanla Vanzant describe women in their 40ies in a most beautiful way:

“There’s something magical that occurs when a woman turns forty. She becomes more attractive in a sensual and seductive way. She becomes more comfortable with her body and learns how to maneuver it better. At forty, a woman’s eyes begin to sparkle. Not with lust or exitement, but with wisdom. She has seen some things, done some things, and learned some things that show through her eyes and become clear. A FORTY-YEAR-OLD WOMAN FINDS HER VOICE, GETS HER VISION AND HER FOOTING. At forty you find out that people only love you the way you want to be loved, when you know how to LOVE YOURSELF and YOUR INNER CHILD!”

In my Chakra Workshop you learn a lot about changing beliefs, how much our childhood experiences still influence our patterns and behaviours and what mirror-work can do for loving, accepting and forgiving ourselves in order to get peace, happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose and a sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world.