How to find a good therapist?

The foundation of any kind of  Therapy or Counselling  is the relationship you establish with the therapist. Research has shown that the technique the therapist uses is not as important as the relationship you build together. As therapy progresses and trust is established, you will actually use the relationship between you and your therapist as a workspace, to resolve problems in your life.

Because the relationship with the therapist is so essential to the process, it is important to find a therapist to whom you feel connected, with whom you feel safe. In any kind of Therapy or Counselling, you intentionally make yourself deeply vulnerable to another human being. That is a very frightening assignment indeed. But you must realize it is this very process of self revealing and trust building that can be the means of your healing. At the end of this frightening and difficult path lies the inner wholeness you long for.

Obviously, if you are to make yourself so vulnerable, you must feel safe. A good therapist builds that sense of trust and safety with you.

The process of creating a “safe space” in which therapy can take place is referred to as building a “secure frame,” and it is a very important aspect of therapy.

The “frame” is the environment of your therapy. It includes the physical surroundings, the emotional environment, the therapeutic structure, and the relationship between you and your therapist.

A secure frame is a very special private space in which you feel safe, “held” and supported. A secure frame is an environment in which every detail reflects structure, safety, and support. Psychodynamic therapists believe that the secure frame is a vital element of the therapy.

But what are the personal, individual skills and traits that characterize a good therapist?

In my opinion life experience and how somebody learns from it in order to grow personally makes him becoming a “good” and “trustable” therapist. Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross describes that in perfect words, talking about “the most beautiful people” who are in my eyes also the “best therapists”:

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

Experience Life under the Guidance of God

Experience Life under the Guidance of God


Chakra Workhop

1-Day- Chakra Workshop

Seven Energy Wheels

Seven Chakras - 7 Energy Wheels


Saturday  January 30, 2010 from 9 to 6pm

Explore the inner psychology of the Chakra System as a model for transformational healing and personal growth!


  • The human Energy Body (Aura) and its relation to health and well-being of the physical body
  • Solid understanding of the chakra system (7 chakras) as a tool for working with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies
  • A framework for diagnosis and healing in dealing with tribal issues, the power of relationships, beliefs, values, code of ethics, love and forgiveness, self-expression, truth and willpower, awareness, intuition and insight and guidance in life by surrendering to a higher power
  • Balancing techniques and exercises like Yoga, Mantras, Mudras, Vizualisation, Meditation, Colours, Essential Oils and Crystals – what method is the best for you?


Balanced energies mean a strong immune system, improvement of physical health and lower stress level even in very busy and difficult life situations!

Reiki & Grief

Angel of LoVE


As I started my Reiki experience after the death of my father, I know that Reiki is the most HELPFUL and COMFORTING THERAPY for GRIEF ever!

Comforting because it makes griefing and mourning “legal” and allows the client to show and release all the sadness and desperation. Whereas  in our Western culture most people tend to acknowledge physical wounds but neglect emotional ones. There were times when it was expected that a family goes into mourning for at least a year after the death of someone close, but today you hear neighbours, friends and even relatives saying:”Come on, get over it! Life goes on!”.

But losing somebody very close often means losing part of the soul and psychatrist Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross discovered FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF in her research on death and dying:


There will be times all of the thoughts and emotions will be mixed together or piled on another. There will be times all of the thoughts and emotions are overwhelming at the same time or in quick succession. And there could be times one of the stages is present for a matter of weeks or even months. And everybody is different, goes through the stages in a different way and needs a different time to get to the stage of ACCEPTANCE and finally HEALING.

The two most important values and strengths in life are FAITH and HOPE. Faith means to belief into a HIGHER POWER (Spirit, God, Buddha, Allah etc.) and its GUIDANCE and it means to stay connected to it through PRAYER and MEDITATION. This again leads to hope and hope means HEALING.

REIKI helps the client to release the mixed emotions and calm down the thoughts. It helps to relax the body to let go the muscle tensions. It often makes it possible for the client to have a dream or vision about the lost person being safe and happy surrounded by a bright divine light. And it’s possible to send important affirmations through the Reiki SYMBOLS, like

I deeply and completely accept myself with all my sadness, tears and desperation
I allow myself to go through all the stages of grief  knowing that’s a natural process
I’m going easy on myself and take the time I need to recover without guilt

Those affirmation can be tapped with EFT of course. And after the two first Reiki treatments it is very helpful for the clients to let them know about this wonderful technique for EMOTIONAL FREEDOM and show them how to use it at home.

The following TESTIMONIAL comes from one of my clients who became a very good friend meanwhile:

Monika Lux is an angel – My experience with EFT and Reiki Treatment.
My problem was GRIEF because of the loss of my partner after 38 years. This grief had my mind in many states including: FEAR of my future, ANGER at God and some people, CONFUSION, memory problems, FEELINS of ABANDONMENT by people I thought were my friends or my family and HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.
Thanks to some very close friends who helped to guide me through the hardest days and thanks to Monika Lux who finally guided me through EFT sessions and the relaxing treatments of REIKI!
My first REIKI Session:     
I was not sure of what to expect as I layed on the firm but very comfortable Reiki bed, candles were burning and a faint smell of incense in the air. I was made comfortable and I asked what I was to think about. Monika told me to try to just relax, close my eyes and not to think about anything in particular. So, I tried to think of nothing – not possible. Low soothing music playing, very relaxing; I was still trying to clear my mind – not working. Suddenly I feel acute pain in my left wrist and ankle at the same time (both had old injuries), but the pain went away as fast as it had occured. The next thought was that I had finally achieved the state of no thoughts, when my brain started to get all sorts of thoughts from what seemed to be outside of my own brain. This occured momentarily. Then my thought was normal again. My next awareness was that I was able to feel my heart beating in my chest and I could hear it in my ears.
The session took an hour and after this Reiki Treatment I felt more relaxed than I have ever felt before in my life.
 I enjoyed some more Reiki Sessions after this first one – Thank you and angels to Monika
 A.R.L. from Sandy Lake, Manitoba 


Sundown Chakra Meditation

RMNP (Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba) for me is a wonder of nature all year long! So, I decided to post my latest photos! Besides, do you know why for example sundowns are nourishing your soul? The colours are definetely very grounding and rooting. Red and Orange are Chakra Colours for the Root and Sacral Chakra, Yellow and Gold are the Colours for the Solar Plexus Chakra, Pink and Green are the Colours for the Heart Chakra. In Nature Photography you can also find the Bright Blue of the sky for the Throat Chakra and the Dark Blue for the Third-Eye Chakra and least but not last the clouds represent the Colour for the Crown Chakra. Looking at pictures you can do a little Chakra Meditation, absorbing a colour with all your senses and sending it to the particular energy area in your body. Have Fun!!!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010!

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