The Power of Animal Totems

Have the Courage to Soar like an Eagle

Have the Courage to Soar like an Eagle (picture of a California Condor - sacred for the Native Americans, majestic soaring as high as 15000 feet)

Animal Totems were guiding people in all cultures, but like the knowledge about herbs or smudging, the knowledge about the Power of Nature and Animals got lost. Here in Manitoba I found out that my Guide is the Eagle. Whenever I need some advice on life questions, the Eagle appears and reminds me of the qualities and values I have to take care of and live in accordance to them because otherwise I would compromise my true Self.

The EAGLE is a symbol of freedom and perspective. As a representation of Great Spirit, Eagle carries our prayers to the sky and teaches us to fly.

  • People with eagle medicine need their alone time. This gives them the opportunity to confront their fears and be honest with themselves. Eagle may be showing himself to them to remind them of the necessary time they need in solitude before they are able to take flight.
  • Because of their great beauty and grace people may see Eagle-people as a threat, but they shouldn’t let others intimidation’s hold them back from flying like an eagle.
  • With their great vision people with Eagle medicine may also be looked upon as mentors by others whether they actively seek this role in a traditional sense or not be aware that others look up to them. Eagle people have great wisdom to share.
  • To those to whom Eagle comes, the ability to hear spiritually and psychically will awaken’re given potent gifts of clarity and vision to use for the good of all people helping to bring forth the light out of the darkness.
  • Opportunities are coming to them that will enable Eagle people to reach new heights and therefore they should always be aware they are coming and have the courage to grab them.
  • The Eagle teaches them to be free to say what they want to say or do and helps them to release themselves from what others think and do what they need to for their growth and development.
  • Those with eagle medicine choose mates carefully but when they do it’s for life. If they give their best and value to themselves expecting the best for themselves, they will attract a mate who feels the same.
  • Eagle is a reminder of our connection to spirit. Eagle people spend some time in meditation and nature reconnecting to source.


Eagle with courage your soar
Showing me the heights I am capable of reaching
In balance my connection to the spiritual and physical
I grace the Earth but I am truly free when I fly
Courage you are mine