Fairytales, Myths and Fables

The adventures of tales reflect challenges we face in our life journey. They hide a wealth of insights just below the surface and reach our unconsciousness. Various people can imagine the tales quite differently because each of us has a different picture of the world. If we take a tale as a reflection of our Inner Landscape, we can see that all the characters represent an aspect of our own personality (called archetypes by C. Jung). Creativity and play engage childlike energies; when we allow those to depart, they can leave us in a state of depression. The tales are psychological mirrors and become even more complex as we mature. They are loaded with symbolism to reveal more meanings as we develop a deeper awareness of ourselves. Therefore mythic stories make up a kind of collective dream that we all share.

The following story is typical for a fable. Animal archetypes invite us to reflect about our life.

The Eagle and the Chicken

Once upon a time, a farmer went into the forest to collect some fire-wood. To his big surprise he found two very little eagle babies. One of them was more grey and he called it “Cowajo”, the other was more brown and he called it “Courajo”. He put them into the Chicken house and hoped one of his old hens would raise them and teach them all a Chicken has to know. And so it happened. They both grew up and learned all the habits of the Chickens. One day they noticed a couple of eagles soaring in the sky. They looked up and Courajo said to his brother:”Wouldn’t it be fantastic to fly with them!” But Cowajo answered:”You’re still a dreamer! Don’t you remember what mother hen told us again and again. We’re the safest animals on this farm. We can escape into our Chicken house, whenever a situation becomes very dangerous. We are surrounded by other Chickens and a Rooster who care for us and protect us. What more do you want?” Courajo still stared at the sky above and watched the two eagles play with each other and how the air seemed to lift them up higher and higher. “I’m spending my days scratching for worms and thinking there must be more than that. I want to get to know other point of views from different positions and I want to feel the freedom outside the chicken yard,” Courajo said “and even if it’s dangerous, I rather want to die than stick with this boring life.” And before even finishing this sentence he spread his wings and lifted himself from the earth as if he had done it a thousand times before. “I can’t describe this feeling!” he screamed “Come with me Cowajo! Otherwise I have to say Good-bye!”. Cowajo waved his brother good-bye and emphasized one more time how secure it was among the Chicken, how used he was to this quiet life and how afraid he would be to give it up.

After a long life as a Chicken Cowajo died and was burried in the Chicken Yard. Courajo however felt in love with Beautija. They celebrated a wedding in the sunny sky and soon had four eagle children. Courajo’s life was filled with everything he dreamt of and when he arrived at life’s end he told his kids three important lessons:

  • Don’t sit in your nest and wait for something to happen – Make it happen! Be active! Take the first step and the next won’t appear as far away anymore!
  • In the end you’re alway on your own with your decisions, choices and opinions. You’re an individual and unique. Don’t flock! Don’t do what the others do and don’t care what they think about you! That’s the way to success!
  • Don’t run and hide when the storms of life confront you. Look at them as opportunities, stepping stones and challenges to master life and reach your dreams! Never give up!

Are you a Chicken or an EAGLE?