“I miss Summer!”-Photos

You look out of the window: everything is white! White, white, white… Where are the colours, the sun, the warmth? Let’s prepare for the summer with some “FUN IN THE SUN”-Portraits!


Chakras for personal Development

Our Chakras are subject to both physical and nonphysical forces present in our environment on a daily basis. This makes CHAKRA BALANCING a necessity. Achieving a BALANCE between the physical and nonphysical facets of ourselves is necessary – and Chakra BALANCING is the best way to do this. Performed regularly, Chakra BALANCING can bring these vital energy centers into the proper BALANCE, creating an internal harmony which allows our reserves of energy to be replenished. Chakra BALANCING is important for keeping all of our aspects connected and in BALANCE to allow us to work as fully integrated beings. You deserve the Joy of Life

I introduced all methods of CHAKRA BALANCING in my workshop yesterday!

There’s the Balancing work with Colours, Breath, the Inner Smile, Gemstones, Aromatherapeutic oils, Yoga, Mudras, Affirmations.

And there is the Balancing work with Constellation, Art, Sound and Music, Mantra Chants, Movement and Dance!

I would like to share a testimonial from yesterday’s workshop:

I really enjoyed the mixed media presentation and interaction of materials, instructor and participant – drawing, music, dance, sound, moving through the Chakra constellation… makes sure the experience and knowledge stays longer than the day!
(S.S. from Onanole, MB)

Thank your for the great day!