The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)

I agree with Don Miguel Ruiz and his four agreements as a code for life! Only in applying them I can stay authentic and genuine and persistently follow my dreams! 

1. Be impeccable with your words

I speak with integrity and have no problems to tell others my very personal opinion. I am aware of the power of words and use them honestly and in the direction of love.

2. Don’t take anything personally

I have to confess that sometimes I am hurt by what people say about me behind my back, for example “A counsellor who wears a hat on a photo can’t be serious” or “When this German lady can’t even afford professional flyers on glossy paper she can’t be a good therapist” or “Counsellors must be specialized.                                                                                                                     Does she really think we believe that she has the skills to counsel grief, abuse, family, children…”

Yes, first I’m hurt by those comments, then I’m thinking, I’m not in Europe anymore. Here many people are afraid of changes and new things, reflected in sayings like “I always took drugs when I was sick. Why should I try something different now with a strange and scary name like Reiki?” and I give all my empathy to understand this fear and go on with what I am doing persistently because I believe in it! And then I meet people who are very open for spirituality and holistic health and trust in me and give me the most encouraging feedback ever.

3. Don’t make assumptions

There we go! That’s a hard one. There are a lot of assumptions about immigrants and their educational certifications. There are a lot of assumptions about holistic healing – the most common one is: “That’s all hocus-pocus!”

When somebody loves people like I do, it’s not hard to be open and see the uniqueness in each and every person without any assumptions. It’s a matter of positive thinking! We all have the choice to be open, to listen and understand, to love and accept the other person the way she/he is! And that’s what I do – with passion!

4. Always do your best

For me that’s the easiest one! I’m always giving my best even when I’m doing something I don’t like. But when I choose to do it I won’t mess around. And when something goes wrong, I know I did my best and still can “deeply and completely accept and love myself”! (Do you remember the EFT affirmation?)

Finally I would like to quote the author of a counselling practice book, I’m just reading for my studies at the Vancouver College for Counselling Therapists: “To suggest that clients with their unique and complex needs need to see a “specialist” might convey the message that their needs are extremely COMPLICATED or UNUSUAL, thereby increasing their sense of isolation and their view of themselves as being DIFFERENT. (Draucker & Martsolf)

One time in my life I was a client myself and went for counselling. I was glad that I could choose the therapist according to the therapy model (Gestalt, Behavioural,Reality, Choice etc.) and not if he/she is specialized on the kind of PROBLEM I have. For me clients don’t have PROBLEMS and they are not MENTALLY SICK; they just encounter ups and downs in their life, like anyone of us and sometimes it’s helpful if we can talk to somebody who’s understanding, listening and guiding us on our life journey for a while till we have found our very own and rich resources in ourself again.



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