Michael’s Horse Farrier Service

Mike was born with an intense love for horses but it wasn’t before his 22nd birthday when during a holiday in Hungary he could experience the freedom on the back of a cantering horse for the first time. Since then he couldn’t stop riding anymore and he enjoyed learning from well-known horse trainers as well as from the horses themselves. He became a master in horse handling and behaviour management and has earned two diplomas with the EWU, Germany’s First Western Riding Union and the FN, German Equestrian Federation.

With the New Year 2011 Michael starts his new business as a Certified Horse Farrier on Double “M” Ranch and On Tour across Manitoba. He’s training at one of the most recognized and best Farrier Schools on the North American Continent, the Oklahome State Horseshoeing School which emphasizes on:

  • The anatomy of the horse’s foot
  • Shoeing the straight and sound horse
  • Corrective and specialized shoeing
  • Forge work
  • Hoof problems
  • In Bavaria Michael loved working with the Austrian Haflinger Horses in their role as Western Riding Horses. Because of their balanced temperament they were the perfect companions for children and adults of all ages.

    The following photos show Michael working, riding and having fun with horses:


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