Recognized in Canada

In addition to my German Master Diplomas in Kinesiology, NLP, Systemic Family Constellation, Trance Therapy, Reiki and Sound Bowl Therapy, I can now proudly present my Canadian Diploma for Professional Counselling.












The most precious gift of all is HEALTH!

Christmas Gift Certificates are now available for:


  • Reiki (Treatment)

Reiki – the Immune System Booster and Relaxation Magician

  • EFT (Treatment)

Tap your worries and sorrows away with EFT

  • Sound Bowls (Massage)

Sound Bowls – Healing Vibrations, Pain Killers

  • Life Cycle Coaching

There are no problems – just solutions –> step by step to success

Do it the BalanCHIng® Way! by Monika Marguerite Lux

Email:       Phone: 636-7787



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