A New Beginning….

What does New Year’s Eve mean to you? Some people say “Nothing, I go to sleep at 10 like always.” Some people celebrate like crazy and have a hangover for the next two days.

For me New Year’s Eve is the most spiritual and magical day of the whole year. Of course there are a lot of rituals of letting go, of change, of farewell and of new beginnings that can be done during the year and should be done whenever they’re necessary for one’s life, but I just can’t describe with words those mixed feelings of fascination, excitement and melancholy I always have especially on the 31st of December. And all of the rituals I just described go perfect with this day in this period of time that in Chinese Medicine symbolizes water, winter, essence of life, inward-looking, fear of new challenges, saying “farewell” to the old that’s already past and saying “welcome” to the new that will be the future.

New Year’s Eve is a transition, like going through a gate, like crossing a bridge, like opening an unknown door. …

It’s now time to reflect on the year that is drawing to a close.

It’s now time for purification:

1. Purify yourself with a scrub and a shower or a bath
2. Purify your home with some smudging

Think about the people who matters most to you! Think about your greatest accomplishments and honor yourself! Think about the most challenging difficulties and the lessons you learned! Think about the limits of the old year and the opportunities that will come with the new one.

Forgive yourself and forgive others and open up your heart in love!

Dance, sing and celebrate Life! And welcome the New Year warmly, like a baby that’s just born into this world!

Look into the night sky with its numerous sparkling stars and feel the silver energy cords that flow from your crown chakra to the moon and from your root chakra into the earth. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel your connection to the universe and just BE!

I wish you all the Best for 2011! I wish you health, love and joy! Namaste!


One thought on “A New Beginning….

  1. I like your post! I usually do a ritual myself, bath and candles. My theme for this year is going to be self-care. Thanks for reminding us what this journey is about!

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