The Healing Power of Words in Integrative Counselling

A good conversation is healing!


John Patrick:

“Pain makes man think… thought makes man wise…

wisdom makes life endurable… and all that uses



Integrative Counselling as well as Psychotherapy is the therapy of healing the soul by pure exchange of words. The client talks and the therapist listens, asks clarifying questions, challenges certain thought patterns and sometimes provokes certain behaviour to make change possible.

Words are magical and to this day have retained their magical power. Ancient healers, story tellers and religious evangelists all clearly knew of the power of words. By words a person can be made blissfully happy and a client once said: “During my counselling therapy I found out that words are more powerful and medicinal than all the pills and drugs I’ve been taking already for such a long time because in addition to the healing capacities words are giving insight. No pill can really equal the mood stabilization of positive words like “I love you!”  or the encouragement I receive from my therapist that help me becoming a self-confidence and proud woman and that also help me rediscovering the forgotten skills I already have within me to master my life. Imagine we all would grow up hearing mostly good words – our whole emotional and cognitive vocabulary would be so different and healthy and we would be able to handle our daily life challenges much easier.”

From an energetic point of view the cause of suffering and pain is an imbalance in the three aspects of our essence / existence which results in frozen or blocked energy structures:

 Body & Mind & Soul Energy-System/Structures = Biological & Psychological & Spiritual Energy-System/Structures

The power of the word itself dissolves these “frozen” or “blocked” structures and allows the energy they were holding captive to be reclaimed into the Living Self again so that they can flow freely, lively and healthy like a natural creek.

How do frozen or blocked structures develop? As soon as somebody behaves like the person who caused our original experience and we react the same way as in the original situation! What situations? Trauma, Grief, Fear and Illusion!

In order to heal we must realize that most of our emotions, beliefs and thoughts are nothing but frozen patterns that we perceive as our true/real world and that we keep on re-activating by giving them energy. The first step towards healing is to retrieve our energy through the power of WORD, disconnecting it from symptoms, emotions or beliefs.

This method of Integrative Counselling is not new at all. We can find many examples of creative, healing and magic acts performed through words already in the bible:

  • In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
  • Just speak one word and my soul will be healed.
  • God sent his word and he healed the people. Miracle after miracle began to occur. One person who was healed told the others: “When we spoke those words it shook me hard. Suddenly I felt the healing power flow and I was healed.” 

So many people underestimate the spoken word in its healing and manifesting power. Language is used as an istrument to describe reality and to indirectly influence our own world through conditioning, interpreting, trance, drawing, role playing, anchoring, cognitive reframing and applying EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Integrative counselling offers specific formats for healing through words. All these methods mentioned before access the individual’s own path in life. Destructive thought forms are dissolved and the energy bound up in them is immediately available for the person in the here-and-now.

The healing process of Integrative Counselling reaches the core:

The resolution of frozen energy structures through WORDS allows the REAL SELF to emerge and express itself in its most wonderful, fascinating, magical and unique way!


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