Spiritual Self-help Books

The tree of inner wisdom

When I got into my big life crisis I was 30 years old. My father just had died in an accident,  my husband chose to go the criminal way by dealing with stolen goods, he psychologically abused me and finally found out how he could take away all my money and went bankrupcy….

I had developped the typical victim behavior since my mother had thrown me out of the house as a teenager, blaming me for her bad marriage: I was passive and I hated life. I wished I could die in a painless way, just falling asleep and never waking up again.

Then I met the man of my life who is now on my side for almost 11 years. I was 34 and knew that I had to change completely to be able to enjoy my relationship and life again. I started reading a lot of so-called “Spiritual Self-Help Books” like “The Sedona Method”, “The Secret”, “You can heal your life” etc. etc.

It all sounded so simple, rational, logical and understandable, but when I tried to put the theory into practice I was stuck. Change wasn’t possible until I decided to do an education with lots of group workshops on Self-Growth and Energy Healing.

Now I’m combining COUNSELLING, NLP, KINESIOLOGY and REIKI for myself and my clients because I know that CHANGE is actually not as easy as all the books say.

“Just simply release” says one of the books. A client tries to speak about a trauma, is overwhelmed and crying and somebody tells him/her just to release…. That is ridiculous. But as soon as it is possible to take the stress away with an energy healing method, also releasing becomes possible.

“Forgive your parents!” says another book. I worked on this topic one year starting with family constellation, energy balances and countless releasing exercises. Everything can be done but not everything can be done without help when it’s burried in the subcounscious and there’s a lot of resistance.

“If you read this book it’s like visiting a workshop” some books say. I wish they wouldn’t lie that much! There has to be an Instructor, there has to be personal feedback, there has to be one-on-one support, there has to be communications and discussions, there has to be a group process that helps the individual to grow inside the safety of a group.

As soon as somebody is overtaxed (s)he will slip back into the old patterns. Of course the books say be gentle with yourself. But how should somebody be gentle with him/herself when (s)he is not even aware of  his/her thoughts, feelings and patterns. Most of the books wouldn’t even start from the basics but demand a certain knowledge already although never mentioning it.

And some books miss speaking about the rewards of change which are of course different for everybody. But without this outlook into a better future with a better life how should a person be motivated to work so hard on changing.

First we have to discover who we are and our purpose in life, then we have to make up a goal that’s rewarding us enough for our efforts we take to reach it. This will motivate us to develop a strategy and do the first steps. If it is the right goal we will be able to overcome any obstacle and stick to the course even if we have to take detours till we reach it and feel the bliss of success and the joy of life.

And the nice thing is that we have our wisdom within ourselves already and all the numerous skills we need to create our own personal unique wonderful life! Let me help you to re-discover them again!



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