Energy Healing

Lighthearted and joyful...

What’s energy healing about?

As an energy worker and instructor I see illness holistically. For me health is only possible when the body, mind and spirit triangle is balanced. I’m not just working on symptoms but on the whole system by treating the source.

Our physical body is surrounded by a (knowing) energy field, called matrix or divine blueprint that collects and holds the imprint of our karmic and ancestral memories as well as the wounds created by our personal experiences.


For this reason my way of “integrative counselling” could also be called “energetic counselling” because when I feel that my client is stuck in a behavioral pattern which continues to repeat itself or is struggling to heal physically or emotionaly from systemic entanglement (family of origin, ancestry) I’m adding energy healing techniques from different methods like EFT, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Polarity Therapy or Body Talk. I’m working intuitiv not planing what to use in advance. I know what’s needed in the very moment. When the client is open to the palace of energetic possibilities miracles can happen.

My concepts, values and beliefs

I believe in people, in their very own picture of the world, in their unique personality, in their hopes and dreams and that we all have one source inside of us, a very reliable guide who never leaves us alone as soon as we’re able to trust – our HIGHER SELF. I’m here to help people who want to become more of who they are meant to be and who are willing to take responsibility in order to work on thermselves to achieve their highest potential. I want to offer a place where people can relax and learn in a safe and holistic nature environment. I want to offer a place where love, light and laughter will be passed on to each individual who decides to take the risk of starting a new life journey to preventing illness, healing and maintaining health. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


The gesture/mudra of namaste is a simple act made by bringing together both palms of the hands before the heart, and lightly bowing the head. In the simplest of terms it is accepted as a humble greeting straight from the heart.
The whole action of namaste unfolds itself at three levels:    Mental, Physical and Verbal
and means:   ‘The God in me greets the God in you/ The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you.

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