Energy Healing for Animals

The Difference between People and Animals

The main difference between adult people and animals receiving Energy Healing sessions is that animals are wide open and receptive to allow in the most productive session possible. When I’m doing a hands-on treatment the animals often press their bodies against my hands; cats start purring, dogs often grunt or snore pleasantly or start yawning. Animals naturally welcome this non-invasive healing modality, while adult people doubt the effectiveness, have too high expectations or don’t believe in what they call “hocus-pocus” at all. I emphasize “adult” here because babies and little children know fundamental aspects of nature instinctively, their chakras are still open and they’re as receptive for Energy Healing as animals.

What are the benefits?

Because methods like Reiki, Healing Touch, Polarity, EFT spend healing energy, they don’t have negative side-effects and will never do any harm.  Energy healing methods help with traumatic situations, anxiety, illness and injury.

Energy Healing Methods are never a substitute for a doctor or a veterinarian – although miracles can happen again and again -but they provide a wonderful healing energy that  has the ability to prevent further illness, to maintain health and to improve health and healing of illness and injuries and finally to deepen the bond between healer and patient for successfull life coaching/personal growth counselling sessions with people and a better relationship with animals.

Animal Reiki

Ricky "purrrfully" enjoying his Reiki treatment...


  • For those who are healthy, Energy Healing helps to maintain their health, enhances relaxation and provides an emotional sense of peace and contentment.  
  • For those who are ill, Energy Healing is a wonderful healing method as well as a safe complement to Western Medicine, Homeopathy and all other forms of healing. For example, Energy Healing can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, support an acupuncture treatment, and enhance the effects of flower essences. 
  • For those who are dying, Energy Healing is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear, and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death.



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