A “power of energy healing” story: The dog Fritzl

It was a nice sunny Saturday morning and I was early for my riding lesson. I went down to the outdoor arena where Sabine taught some kids. Usually her little dog Fritzl would come running and jumping on me to say “hello”. I asked for him. Sabine pointed to a spot in the grass and there Fritzl was laying trembling all over. “What happened?” I asked. “I guess he has been eating something poisenous.” Sabine aswered. I was upset “Why don’t you take him to the vet immediately?” I yelled more than I asked. “Well, I have to help the kids with the horses first and then…” I interrupted her. “I’m helping the kids and you’re driving to the vet before it’s too late.” She did so and on my way home I got her phone call. Sabine cried “The vet says at 99% he will die and who believes in that 1% that’s left… I should put him down right now…” I had tears in my eyes as well but as I have a lot of faith I said “Give me one hour and then call me again. Either I can help him or he will die peacefully without suffering. Please believe me and give me just this hour, ok?” I just turned into my garage when I finished the phone talk. I have a little place in my living room with an altar, where I’m praying and doing distance Reiki sessions. I lightened some candles and started praying. “Dear God, please give me your divine and healing energy for helping this innocent animal…” I sent Reiki for one hour and asked God to send it to the organs of this little body where it is needed most. Then I bowed, said “thank You” and blew out the candles… I phoned Sabine and asked her how Fritzl is doing. She was crying and tried to say something but her voice was choking. Oh God, I thought, my little friend is in Heaven now and I started crying too. But then she found her voice again. “He will survive. One hour he was lying there like dead and the vet almost couldn’t find his pulse anymore. Then he started to move and open his eyes. The vet said he’s never seen something like this before… Whatever you have done saved his life… I want to thank you so much!” “It was God’s will, Sabine, thank HIM!” I said and cried fullfilled with happiness.

Energy Healing

Energy Distance Healing


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