Energy Healing Place – NOW OPEN!!!

My dream came true, the dream about offering healing in a safe, private and very peaceful and quiet natural environment. The dream about offering a warm welcoming atmosphere to my clients who are much more than that: unique wonderful people who deserve to be spoiled for their courage to try something new and unknown in order to heal, learn and grow.

My promise is that I never stop studying energy healing techniques to offer up to date treatments that are a combination of Reiki, Healing, Touch, Quantum Touch and Kinesiology.

Shortly I was asked what I’m doing to be that balanced and bright.

Well, I’m working on my body-mind an soul balance, taking my time for self-care every day (meditations and energy healing visualizations). I also have my ups and downs like anybody else. But there’s a power driving me forward and energizing me every day and that’s my intention to help, teach and guide and my passion for this wonderful art of healing. Nothing is as rewarding for me as my clients’ smiles and their stories about their successes regarding health and life journey.

What’s energy healing about? I was asked last week.

I would like to quote Andy Baggott who calls himself a follower of the Celtic path of life: “I believe it is the destiny of everyone to be happy, healthy and fullfilled if they choose to seek it. If you’re following your soul purpose, you will naturally be happy, healthy and fullfilled. If you seek your own happiness, health and fulfilment, you will naturally seeking your destiny. I believe that the answers to all questions and the cures to all illness lie withing the mind of each individual. You have the power within to find the answers you seek and, with all the help and guidance that creation can offer, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. If you can imagine something, you can make it reality.”

So what do I need to heal? I was asked next.

You just need to be open and have faith in a higher being (God, Creator, Jehova, Allah, Wakan Tankan…..) and let the universal energy that I’m offering you help and guide you in order for you to become aware of yourself (your thoughts, emotions, decisions, patterns, (re)actions etc.) and then get the important insights for positive change and finally bring peace and happiness into your life.

What do you have to lose? There’s no harm and no side-effects? Start your jorney to peace and happiness today! Call me: 204-636-7787!!!

Price List
  • Life Skill Coaching (60 min)               $75.00
  • EFT Counselling                                      $75.00
  • Additional Time (per 15 min)            $10.00
  • Soundbowl Massage (60min)            $55.00
  • Reiki Treatment (60min)                      $55.00
  • Chakra Balance/Sounbowl Meditation/Meridian Exercises (30min) $25.00/Combination (60min) $55.00

(5% GST included)


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