Cancer – Spiritual Health and Energy Healing

Did you know that 95% of all cancers appear and disappear on their own, and that treating them actually prevents them from being cured? The prominent cancer researcher and professor at the University of California, Dr. Hardin Jones, admitted:
“Patients are as well, or better off, untreated … My studies have proven conclusively that cancer patients who refuse chemotherapy and radiation actually live up to four times longer than treated cases, including untreated breast cancer cases.”

But Dr. Hardin Jones doesn’t tell us how clients who refuse cancer treatment can heal their illness.

Andreas Moritz is the author of the book “Cancer is not a disease”. I share his view of the role cancer is playing in people’s lives. In his book he tells us:

“Cancer is but one of the many ways the body tries to change the way you see and treat yourself, including your body. This inevitably brings up the subject of spiritual health, which plays at least as important a role in cancer as physical and emotional
reasons do. Cancer appears to be a highly confusing and unpredictable disorder. It seems to strike the very happy and the very sad, the rich and the poor, the smokers and the non-smokers, the very healthy and the not so healthy. People from all backgrounds and occupations can have cancer. However, if you dare look behind the mask of its physical symptoms, such as the type, appearance, and behavior of cancer cells, you will find that cancer is not as coincidental or unpredictable as it seems to be.

What makes 50% of the American population so prone to developing cancer, when the other half has no risk at all?

After having seen hundreds of cancer patients over a period of two decades, I began to recognize a certain pattern of thinking, believing and feeling that was common to most of them. To be more specific, I have yet to meet a cancer patient who does not feel burdened by some poor self-image, unresolved conflict and worries, or past emotional trauma that still lingers in his subconscious. Cancer, the physical dis-ease, cannot occur unless there is a strong undercurrent of emotional uneasiness and deep-seated frustration.

Cancer patients typically suffer from lack of self-respect or worthiness, and often have what I call a ‘unfinished business’ in their life. Cancer can actually be a way of revealing the source of such inner conflict. Furthermore, cancer can help them come to terms with such a conflict, and even heal it altogether. The way to take out weeds is to pull them out along with their roots. This is how we must
treat cancer; otherwise, it may recur eventually. To treat cancer successfully requires the patient to become whole again on all levels of his body, mind and spirit. Once the cancer causes have been properly identified, it will become apparent what needs to be done to achieve complete recovery.”

The following statement, which runs like a red thread through the entire book, is very important in the consideration of cancer: “Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of the person that causes the cancer.”

“….. I couldn’t handle my life situation anymore” my client starts telling me before the first Energy Healing Session “everything became overwhelming: my old mother was already suffering for so long, but it became worse… nobody in the family would care for her… it was just ME… working, driving the long way to her house every day… I loved my house. Everything there I had renovated myself with my hands. This was my home. I had to sell it to move closer to her… Finally I THOUGHT: ONE OF US HAS TO GO! This was the time when I developed cancer.”

We create our world and our life with our magical mind. If we’re feeling down and burdened we develop negative thoughts and we get sick.

“Since I was at your workshop” my client continues “I know what you mean by creating your own illness….. but I guess I didn’t know a different way to escape this hopeless situation… Perhaps I should have come earlier… Well, finally my mother died and I started chemotherapy…. now I feel I can heal again… I just don’t know how to handle the “after-effects” of each chemo and thought Reiki could help… can it?”

Of course Energy Healing can help with the side effects of any medical therapy. If doctors would believe into alternative methods as well they would recommend them to complement their treatment. Chemo weakens the immune system, Energy Healing strengthens it again. Energy Healing is not only about the universal energy – An Energy Healer opens his heart and also gives loving energy to the client. Especially with cancer client I ask if they like to be touched. The Healing Touch technique where the energy of the body parts is connected from the feet to the hips, from root chakra to crown chakra and hands to shoulders is a unique way to give loving energy. Especially when holding the hands I can feel the deep relaxation of the client. In addition to the Healing Touch I work with the colours and symbols of Quantum Touch and the Usui Reiki symbols.

“Wow, I’m feeling much better already” my client tells me after the treatment “I must have fallen asleep….. So now you said I should go home and have some rest?”

Yes, I always say, read a book, go for a walk… Try not to watch TV or work on a computer… Simply BE with yourself and relax.

“I slept like a baby…” my client says in our next meeting two weeks later “… almost two days I slept… I didn’t suffer that much from chemo anymore…. I mean it’s still stressing my body, but I feel I can recover much faster from it….”

I’m so happy to hear this. There’s nothing more rewarding for an Energy Healer than the well-being of the client. With every treatment it’s easier for the client to relax deeply. Now it just takes a minute for my client to breathe deeply and finally fall asleep during the treatment.

On our last visit my client tells me the doctor’s good news. My client is cancer-free. We celebrate with a nice cup of tea and a good conversation about the exciting gift of “starting a new life”.

“The doctors said it will take up to two years to get rid off the Chemo” my client says with a sad tone in his voice. “Don’t worry” I tell him “The Energy Healing Treatments will help your body to develop the power to get rid off that stuff earlier.”

We’re smiling at each other and say good-bye with a warm hug. My client gets into his car, lowering the window, shouting cheerfully “See you in two weeks” and waving. I’m waving back till his car disappears with some tears of happiness in my eyes.

This is the colour of healing...


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