How to protect yourself from energy vampires

Energy Healing Centre - Double "M" Ranch, Erickson, Manitoba

What are energy vampires?

  • PEOPLE who have negative (f.e. jealous) thoughts or emotions (f.e. envy) about you, not playing with open cards but using criticism behind your back.
  • SITUATIONS like socials or parties in which you don’t feel welcome or misplaced.
  • PLACES like restaurants, shopping malls or campgrounds.
  • ENVIRONMENT like polluted cities with high buildings that have thick walls and air-conditioning running all day long and tarred streets to prevent the energy exchange with nature.

 What are the signs of being their victim?

A chronic tiredness (fatigue) and a feeling of being drained out and not knowing how to get back strength anymore.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Well, you can easily avoid SITUATIONS by not going to the certain event. You can reduce energy robbery at places by planning to go there less often (make a shopping list and buy your stuff once every two weeks instead of going to the grocery store every second day).

PLACES: Camping may be a good thing for a weekend, but why are so many people coming back from Arizona or Texas in spring after 3 months sunshine and tell me that they don’t feel refreshed and healthy at all. When I ask them what they did, they tell me they were on the campground all the time (surrounded by other campers and people), they watched TV (electronic energy sucker) or played games with their neighbours (never alone) or drank a lot (energy sucker alcohol). Well, how about turning the TV off and going for a walk ALONE; how about reading a good book instead of drinking; how about a good conversation with your neighbours (about a certain topic) instead of playing games.

ENVIRONMENT: Now we get to the polluted cities. If you can’t escape the city for untill weekend you have to create a healthy environment at home. Read about Feng Shui or trust your intuition on colours to be used in your home for walls, furniture and decoration. Buy an indoor fountain and do an “energy flow meditation” every day when you come home from work. Have a plant in every room to clean the air. Smudge your rooms from negative energy as often as possible. Install your own ritual of quieting your mind and stick to it (guided relaxation, meditation, dance, yoga etc.)

To avoid energy sucking PEOPLE you would have to become a recluse and that’s not healthy either. But there are rituals to protect yourself, especially when you’re standing in a queue and feel the breath of the person (STRANGERS) behind you in your neck by drawing the Tibetan eight between the both of you or by stepping into the golden egg and imaging that the other person’s negative energy reflect back to him/her and that you’re safe and protected. I like using my Reiki Master Symbol and the Pentagram. If the energy suckers are so-called “FRIENDS” you sometimes have to get rid off them because then they’re more inconvenient acquaintances than real friends at all and it’s your right to be surrounded by positive and loving people. Not so easy, I know. If the energy vampires are in your FAMILY you have to find ways to say “NO” to expectations you can’t fulfill without feeling guilty. You have to learn that your most important obligation and responsibility is the one to care for yourself. If you’re drained out and not healthy how should you care for others. Often in counselling sessions it turns out that people have the unhealthy belief that they have to sacrifice to others, especially to their parents. But it is just a belief. Bert Hellinger (Systemic Constellation Therapy) says that parents give and children take and that children are in no way obliged to sacrifice themselves and get sick. I had a client in Germany who neglected her own child because of caring for her mother day and night. Suddenly she became very sick and was in hospital for a long time. During this time her mother recovered and suddenly did things she had said she wouldn’t have been capable all the time. She even got to know her grandchild and took care of her till her daughter was released from hospital. The whole situation changed and they have a healthy and happy relationship now. If your CO-WORKERS are energy vampires the danger of being drained exists for a certain time of the day. Protect yourself with a mother of pearl shell; imagine you’re safe like a pearl. After getting out of the office do a cleansing meditation in your mind or close your eyes and go through the 12 DNA colours (that can also be done in the bus, taxi, train etc. – not in the car of course). After coming home take a bath with Himalayan Salt or a shower with a salt rub to wash off those negative energies. When I’m getting out of work I’m going for a walk, connecting with nature, breathing in the healing energy of the universe through my crown chakra, sending it through my body and breathing out the negative energy into the earth through my foot chakras where it is converted into good energy again and released into the universe (endless cycle).

If you like to have further information about protecting yourself or learn techniques like the 12 colours of DNA healing, give me a call @ 204-636-7787. The Energy Healing Centre is open 7 days a week from 2pm to 9pm. For directions click on “Contact us”.


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