Family Constellations and Matrix Re-Balancing with EFT

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Sometimes a constellation gets stuck and it seems that nothing can get the energy flowing again. All representatives and the client who is dealing with a certain issue are under extreme stress and tension. When I learned the tools for constellation work I was advised that in situations like this I should stop the constellation even if the solution is missing. Then it happened with one of my own constellations as well and I was very disappointed to leave the workshop without a solution in my heart. I knew that something has to change for the good of the client. I decided for my work that there must be peace in a client’s heart when (s)he’s going home after a workshop. And it’s definitely not done with talking about it like my instructor did with me.

I was thinking about all the techniques and tools I have and then it was like a dark room lightened by the sun…. Everyday EFT accompanied me wherever I went and was at hand whenever needed. Why not trying it in a family constellation?

The next time when one of the representatives acknowledged what is but wasn’t free of tension I let tap him/her and suddenly a door opened again and either we found that there was still something missing, the energy flew again or the representative took a deep breath and the body relaxed. It was fascinating.

When the solution picture was visible, I remembered what I learned with NLP, the senses, submodalities and resource etc. I let my client integrate the picture with colours, smells, sounds and a certain place of peace (resource). I let my client send a symbol for this picture to the mind, heart and into the future.

I never had such overwhelming feedback before. I felt like an artist putting together a new “healing collage” with certain pieces of energy techniques. And it’s working and is refined with every constellation!

Happy Healing! Namaste!

Healing, Freedom and Peace in Mind and Heart - What a feeling!!!


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