Cancer from a systemic point of view

I ask my client: “Would you please position three stuffed animals in the middle of the room. One stands for yourself, one for your disease and one for the healing, your future without disease. Don’t think about how to position. Do it intuitively.”

The client puts down the figures and I ask him to sit down and watch. I’m standing on his place “When I’m looking at the disease I have no feelings at all, neither positive ones nor negative ones. I can look at the disease emotionless, like saying “There you are, but I don’t know what to do with you…”

The client laughs and confirms what I just said.

“But,” I continue to express what happens to me on his place “I can’t see the Healing or Future. It’s almost out of sight…. All I can see is the disease.”

The client becomes aware of the distance and the bad angle between himself and his healing. “What would happen if I turned towards the healing?” he asks.

I let him follow this movement and step into his position himself. “There’s still something wrong,”he says “but I have no idea what it could be…” He looks to me for help.

I let him sit down and look at the constellation as an observer but he has no idea. “When I’m standing in your position,” I begin telling him”I now can see my healing, but my future ends with the wall of this room. I don’t have a free view into my future….”

“That’s what’s wrong,” my client confirms “now I can see that too.”

We’re changing the positions. Now the Healing/Future is in front of a window and through the window my client can see the endless countryside. I let him step into his position again. “I have some dreams for my new life without cancer” he says and “it feels good that there are no limits to fulfill them.”

Some sessions ago we found out that he feels very close to his aunt who he has never met because she had died as a child. So I asked him “You know, we can’t always do everything on our own; sometimes we need some support from somebody close to us. I’m putting your aunt behind you and I’m stepping into her place, putting my hands on your shoulders. How does this feel?”

“I’m feeling very strong with her as my back-up” my client says and smiles. “Go deep into that “being strong feeling”, I tell him “and then tap through your EFT sequence and take this feeling into your heart and mind.”

We’re sitting down. “I’m so glad, you had this idea with the constellation” my client says “I feel strong and peaceful at the same time. Thank you so much!”


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