Family/Systemic Constellations as a Complementary Therapy for Cancer–QIw  Family/Systemic Constellation Therapy Work explained by M. M. Lux

This kind of therapy is very well-known and I would say almost famous in Germany, but when I ask people here in Manitoba about it and try to explain what’s happening they back off and ask me if it is one of my voodoo techniques again like EFT.

It is very sad for me to see day by day people suffering and being poisoned by chemical drugs they are eating like candy because “the doctor is always right”. And then they’re suffering from the side-effects and they say to me “well, what can you do?”. They’re consciously giving up their responsibilities for their physical bodies and treat them like automobiles, they would drive to a garage to get new parts. “Yes,” a farmer said to me those days “that’s exactly as we are here and we won’t change.” I was pretty shocked by his words because I’m coming from a country where people started to think different already in the 60ties because I can’t remember one pharmacy that wouldn’t offer natural remedies, mix teas and tinctures and have aromatherapeutic oils since I’ve been a child. My mother, our neighbours, my relatives they all used home remedies on their children when they got sick. I grew up with peppermint-eucalyptus creme on my chest, chamomile tea for my stomach and calf wrappings against fever. Last time I met a woman with a bad cough and said “you better gurgle and drink some sage tea.” She looked at me and repeated “sage tea? Where would I get something like that? That takes too long, I’m on my way to the pharmacy.” The body needs time to heal but I haven’t experienced that natural remedies take longer than drugs to have an effect on the body. The difference is that drugs are making the body numb and senseless for pain and so the body is not able to talk to you anymore. But people here won’t listen anyway. I’m living in a little town in rural Manitoba now for four years and almost everybody who dies here dies of Cancer.

There are psycho-emotional roots for that disease. In a Powerpoint Presentation I’m mentioning an Intuitive Medical and a Doctor from Germany who made a lot of research to find out that Cancer is caused by negative emotions, trauma and unfinished business. Family/Systemic Constellation Therapy is healing the roots of Cancer deeply and long-lasting.

You may ask if there can be so much trauma in a little rural town (population around 500) because I couldn’t believe it when I moved here. I’ve never heard about so much abuse, giving children away for adoption, abortions and addictions before in my life and I was born in a city that has around 60,000 people living there. This should not be a reproach but an appeal to reach out for help. As a people person and professional in the Counseling and Health business I’m not judging people for something they did in their past that is still influencing their present because I know sometimes in your life you don’t know better and then later you regret or hate yourself for that. But it’s hard for me to see them suffering because they’re still suppressing their traumatic experiences and linked emotions and are hating themselves. A woman asked me “there are things in my life I wouldn’t even tell to a stranger; why should I come to your place and tell you about it?” I mentioned the privacy pledge I’m doing with every client signing my consent form but it couldn’t convince her.

Karen Carnabucci and Ronald Anderson said: ” Systemic Constellation work is a new and powerful healing process based on the notion that people are connected by unseen energetic forces not only in the here and now but also across time and space.” That means we can heal a relationship to a family member even if the family member has died already through the “knowing field” of energy that connects us in a system.

Family/Systemic Constellation Therapy is about discovering HIDDEN (conflict) DYNAMICS and integrating new perspectives and solutions. It is about restoring or creating order in a system – “the order of love” through “the movements of the soul” and “acknowledging what is” (three terms used by Bert Hellinger).

It’s based on the statement that “Thoughts, feelings and perceptions that are externalized and expressed can be altered in the course of a session”.

I have recorded a little Video to tell you the story about a constellation I did for a Cancer patient who wanted to deal with some unfinished business in his family of origin. I invite you to watch it in order to see how I work. And I invite you to try it out. What can you lose? But there’s a lot to gain – like healing!–QIw



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