“What’s the best energy healing method for ME???” I’m asked all the time…

I’m often asked “What energy healing method would be the best for me to learn?” and I’m going back in my mind to how everything started in my life.

It was end of February 1997 when I got a call in the middle of the night. Half asleep I remember the doctor of a hospital telling me that my father had an accident… a severe accident. Within seconds I was awake and knew that something terrible had happened and that I will be experiencing the first loss of a loved one in my life. The doctor told me I should come asap and hang up. I found myself screaming “No, no, no, not my dad!” It was a 90 minute drive from where I lived and I was crying all the way to my birth town. I found my dad lying in one of those cold hospital rooms with all those machines around him and a tube going into his nose. “He’s in a coma,” I was told “and he better don’t wake up again because he would be disabled and would have to learn how to eat and how to speak if he would be able to do it… His skull is broken due to a fall down the stairs hitting a stove and his brain is severly damaged.” I couldn’t listen, I was overwhelmed by sadness and pain. I couldn’t imagine living without him and I didn’t want to live myself anymore in that moment.

After his death I was told by many people to get back to normal life again because I wouldn’t be the only one who loses a parent. I tried hard to do so. Short before his death I had started to learn an instrument but after a while didn’t have too much fun with it anymore because all that note reading and counting tacts was too mathematical for me. Nevertheless I thought it would be of some distraction and went there again. My teacher was a very wise man, always grounded and calm. He welcomed me with all his warmth and immediately noticed that there’s something wrong. I told him what had happened and he said “Have you ever heard about Reiki?” and explained it in short sentences. I thought whatever it is, I want to try it. Werner turned on some relaxing music that sounded kind of Asian and let me close my eyes. It felt as if he would take my head in his hands and something strange warm and calming coming out of them. Suddenly everything around me disappeared and a movie full of emotions, thoughts, people and events run in a fast speed through my mind. Pictures I couldn’t determine appeared and disappeared and suddenly there was nothing – simply nothing. I felt empty and unbelievable calm. After a while the music came to an end and I opened my eyes. “How are you?” Werner asked me and I told him that it felt so loving, safe and calming when he held my head in his hands. “I’ve never touched you,” he said and I looked at him in disbelief. One week later I began learning Reiki Level I.

What I like about Reiki is that it’s not just a technique; this was the beginning of life changing teachings about being in the present, how thoughts are influencing emotions, how emotions are influencing behaviour and finally how to live a balanced joyful life and find your purpose.

On this continent Reiki often is a weekend course – in my country it is an apprenticeship about personal growth and learning. Werner was my master for all Reiki levels and I’m still in contact with him.

So, I’m saying “I can’t tell you what’s the best way for you to start your spiritual healing journey but for me Reiki was the right way, at that period of time to do my first energy healing steps towards the point where I am now.

And this point is not the end. I’m continuosly learning about new ideas in the field of quantum and matrix and whenever I like something I’m integrating it into my work in MY WAY.



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