Grief Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy Workshop for the Grieving

3-Hour Workshop: Jan 21 from 2-5pm

3-Hour Workshop: Jan 28 from 1-4pm

$75.00 incl. tax, tea and cookies per workshop

at Double M Ranch Energy Healing Centre

What is it? Verbalizing thoughts and feelings can be difficult, especially during stressful life events. Art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process involved in creating art is healing and life-enhancing. No artistic skill is necessary to benefit from art therapy.

Who is it for? Art therapy is used with people of all ages in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and hospice centers.

How does it work? An art therapist will guide you through the creative process in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. The artwork can also be a stepping stone to verbal communication about feelings or events. The simple use of color or line can communicate complex feelings or experiences without words.

How does it help? Art therapy can assist in moving through the grieving process because it allows people to do the following:

  • Get in touch with, accept, and express feelings;
  • Foster positive coping behaviors;
  • Gain insight and understanding;
  • Reduce anxiety and provide emotional release;
  • Participate in memorial activities that express the significance of the life of the deceased.


Please register: Call Monika:

204-636-7787 or email:



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