Educational Background

MA in Applied Psychotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Systemic Constellation Therapy

Private “NLPK®” Institute for Psychotherapy and Counselling Professions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Munich, Germany 2033-2006

  • The History of Psychotherapy – From Freud to Reality Therapy
  • Systemic (Family) Constellation Therapy for individuals, groups and companies
  • Coaching with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing)
  • Trance Therapy
  • Life Cycle Coaching / Counselling in Psychotherapy
  • Applied Kinesiology (Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Behavioural Barometer, Muscle Testing)
  • The Counsellor in the Community Settings
  • Shamanism – The Teachings of Nature and Healing the Inner Child

Graduate Diploma and Certification in Professional Counselling

Vancouver College for Counsellor Training in Vancouver, BC 2009 – 2011

Member of the Canadian Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Advanced and Integrative Skills of Counselling
  • Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Trauma, Grief, Family, Abuse and Addiction Counselling
  • Life Span Development Counselling
  • Multicultural/Ethnic Group Counselling

REIKI Master and Teacher/Instructor

Master Werner Stang, Erding                                                                                                                                     Munich, Germany 1997 – 2006

Level I, II, III and Instructor

Relaxation Therapist (Yoga, Meridian-Gym, Qi Gong, PMR etc.)                                                                              

Body and Soul Academy     Munich, Germany 2003

Certified Aroma Therapy Course and                                                                                                                       Certified Sound Bowl Massage Course                                                                                                                  Sungai Institute    Munich, Germany 2003

Certified Ayurveda Oil Massage Course                                                                                                                                Mahindra Institute     Birstein, Germany   2005

Matrix Energetics Level I & II  with Richard Bartlett                                                                                          Vancouver, BC   2012


Monika been offering Reiki since 1997, working as a Relaxation and Soundbowl Therapist since 2003 and working in the field of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Energy Healing since 2005 in Germany and since moving to Manitoba in 2007. In order to meet the multicultural challenges in Canada Monika has been studying certain courses with the VCC in BC.  She has been working with many individuals one-on-one as well as leading group workshops. Constantly integrating new Energy Healing Techniques and combining them with her Coaching/Counselling techniques she has been developing her own way of short and solution oriented healing called “Do it the BalanCHIng® Way!” She has been applying her knowledge to assist individuals in overcoming barriers and stressors in their lives in numerous face to face sessions, but her passion is the art of creating and leading Self-Growth Workshops (Inner Child Work, Four Directions, Chakra Balancing, Systemic Constellations etc.) and Grief/PTSD Art Therapy Workshops. Her theory is that there are no problems, just solutions. As the client has all resources (s)he needs, the Coach/Counsellor is just guide during the healing process. 


EFT Workshops

Level 1 – The Fundamentals                                                                                                                      

Level II – Advanced Techniques

Reiki Workshops

Level I – The 5 Life-Principles

Level II – Distance Healing with Symbols

Level III – The Master Symbol & Ancient Knowledge

Level IV – Interpersonal, Communication, Instructional Skills and Group Processes

Drama & Story Telling Workshop – Fairy tales as expressions of unconscious psychic process and mirrors of basic patterns

Self Discovery Workshop for Young Women – What’s Your Dream Job and How Do You Get There?

Family Constellation Workshop – Systems and their own natural orders, hierarchies

Grief and Trauma Art Therapy Workshops – Dealing with complicated grief and trauma

“Connect with Nature” Workshops

–        Homecoming of the Inner Child

–        Personal Growth with The Four Directions & The Elements

Chakra Workshop – The Meaning of Chakras for a Healthy Life and Numerous Ways to Balance them

Making Life Changes Easier with Kinesiology & NLP – Eye Patterns, Behavioral Barometer, Anchoring, Modeling

Namaste everybody!

Usui Reiki

Qigong Session


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