The Power of Now or Be like a Child

“I don’t understand this “power of now” crab….” my friend said “I’m driving, you’re sitting next to me and we’re chatting. We are doing that now and not yesterday or tomorrow. So, we’re in the present, right. But I’m pretty stressed out. And that’s why I’m not reading that stuff any more.”

I smiled at her and asked: “And besides driving and chatting to me, are you thinking about something?” “Sure”, she answered “I don’t want to forget about some things I would like to buy today… But what’s so funny about that?”

“It’s definitely not funny. No wonder you’re stressed out. You’re doing three things at the same time.” I said and she laughed “Well, isn’t multitasking what we have to master in our busy lives?”

“No” I said “multitasking separates you from the NOW.”

She looked confused  and said “then tell me what it is about… is it meditating?”

I shook my head. Not necessarily. I mean, when the great Buddha would meditate then he would empty his mind and just BE. But when I hear people talking about meditation it sound a bit different.

But it is very easy to BE and live NOW. You will notice when you’re there because you will

  • feel time-less and space-less
  • be absolutely happy like in a state of bliss
  • not think about anything but what you’re doing
  • feel as one with the universe
  • forget about your pain and your day-to-day worries
  • enjoy with all your senses
  • be in the power of love
  • be in Alpha level relaxation and/or trance
  • not get tired at all
  • be yourself with every beat of your heart

It happens with me when I’m teaching qi gong or personal growth workshops, do Reiki or counselling sessions and when I’m taking photos, especially weddings.


Because those are my absolute passions!!! My calling, purpose, meaning……

This also leads to the Inner Child (visit my workshop schedule 2012).

What’s a child’s passion? Playing of course! Whenever you watch a child playing you will see the above mentioned attributes. A child does not think about time and when the mother shouts “It’s time to go to bed?” the first answer is “Please, can I play a little bit more…. only 5 minutes, please mummy”. After 15 minutes the mother slowly gets angry but the child cannot believe that 5 minutes are already over.

My cousins and me (right) - forgetting time and space...

What are the enemies of  BEING NOW?

  • Worry because it’s looking into the future.
  • Anger because it’s originating from the past.
  • Non-authenticity/playing a role because it separates you from yourself/BEING.

Healing your Inner Child will help you enjoying more of  BEING in the NOW.

There’s no being like NOW BEING!



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