Some Laws & Secrets for a Happy and Healthy Life

1. Find out about your personal VALUES that can’t be overthrown by anybody!

My most important values are Honesty, Self-Responsibility, Love and Respect.

2. Every Second you’re creating your own life!

The way I was thinking, feeling and acting in the past created my life in the past. If I didn’t have the strength and self-confidence at that time compared with my capabilities today I couldn’t have done it better and I have to fully accept and love the person I have been with all her weaknesses and mistakes. I’m still not perfect and never will be but if I know that I’m giving my best all the time and stay open for further life-long learning I am able to completely and unconditionally love, accept and forgive myself all the time and this results in INNER PEACE.

3. You have the choice!

Every second I’m living on this planet I have the choice to make a new decision, to enlarge my picture of the world, to discard an old belief or change my thoughts, my feelings or behaviour (actions).

4. You can’t change anybody than yourself!

Many women are picking their partners and tell their friends what they’re going to change about them when they’re married. That won’t work. My advice is: check your partner out before the wedding day and if there are too many things you have to shut your eyes to then better go on searching. You have to fully accept and love the (wo-)man you’re together with like yourself for who (s)he/you are!

I can proudly say that I have the perfect partnership. We’re both at peace with our SELF and we have great respect and honour for one another. We’re both individuals with endless room to grow personally and we’re enjoying growing together with every moment of life.

4. Your ALONE are RESPONSIBLE for your HEALTH!

Of course do doctors make a sense! But to call them “Gods dressed in white” is a pure exaggeration. They’re human beings and they often haven’t chosen their profession out of selfless reasons or just to help people in need. One doctor said to me “This is not the profession I dreamt of but I can definitely earn a lot of money to support my family and have the luxury I always wanted to enjoy. I’m not really caring about my patients. I they have a certain disease I know what’s the best drug and they’re leaving my office and are happy.” Is this only an exemption of the rule??? I don’t know! We all have common sense, intuition and an INNER HEALING CAPACITY. I don’t believe and accept everything my doctors tell me. It’s my right and duty to make my own decision about my health. If I don’t like what I’m told to do I’m doing what I think is best for me. The secret is to know my body and how it reacts, to be aware of physical changes very quickly and react immediately. If you don’t want to end up having a body where half the organs are missing because surgery is such an easy solution you have to open up to the Spiritual and Divine Endless Possibilities of Healing Yourself!

5. Have Fun doing whatever makes you happy no matter what OTHERS are thinking!

Although being “white” I’m coming from a very different cultural background and I have been raised in a very different way. Women in Germany are very independent and I would guess that there are more single women between 20 and 30 just in the city of Munich than in the whole Province of Manitoba. Here it’s about getting married as soon as possible after graduating and establishing a family. Over the ocean it’s about individuality, independence and enjoying life. This may sound egoistic but over there women marry later after having some years of discovering who they are and developing their own identity. Many women here in Manitoba discover this void they don’t know how to fill after their children leave the house. Some are developing depressions during their marriage because they have neglected their own personality all through their life. But it’s never too late. As I said earlier you have the choice. There are Self-Growth Workshops that can help you find out who you are, what purpose you’re living for and how to live a happy fulfilled life. Don’t become a slave of society or the out of date beliefs you were growing up with. If you like going dancing alone, do it! If you like sex, live it! If you feel well as a nudist, look for people with the same interests. There is nothing in life that’s forbidden, bad or negative as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else!

6. Count your Blessings every day!

If you can find a minute in the morning after waking up to think about all the things that are good in your life, you have the perfect preparation and positive attitude for your day! Then little problems can’t kick you out of balance any more and big problems lose a lot of their power. The first thing that always comes to my mind in the morning and gets all my gratefulness is my health. Then I’m looking at my happy marriage and at the place I’m living. After that I’m noticing how much I could help people already with my Intuitive Energy Healing abilities and so on…. If you really think about it you can find numerous things that were and are good in your life!

7. Practice to be a peaceful warrior!

A warrior is somebody who’s fighting against injustice and for the big values in life like Honesty, Love, Peace, Fairness etc. A warrior is  in service for people who need to develop self-confidence and a strong personality and helps them becoming peaceful warriors themselves. A peaceful warrior is free of judgement and assumptions, can give love unconditionally and completely accept others with their own picture/map of the world. A peaceful warrior never stops learning and can adapt new pieces of self when interacting with people or building new relationships. A peaceful warrior is like the “bamboo in the wind” – bending to the side when attacked in order to never let the hostile energy  hit her/him personally.


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