What’s the trick to being feminine, attractive, desirable and sexy?

We’re living in a world where women can join the army, get as high in business hierarchy like their male colleagues and practice all the sports that were once reserved for men.

Many women are taking away or hiding their femininity. Especially the area I immigrated represents the tough women, who are working hard on the farm, wearing practical clothes and keeping their hair short. Sometimes it irritates me when I’m walking behind a bunch of people and I wouldn’t know which of them are women and which of them are man….

I’m simply not used to that. I grew up with an enthusiasm to dress to impress. My parents used to love dressing up, my school mates did, later on my friends and my husbands. In Germany, Italy and France men are always trying to show their good trained bodies in a fine suit and women  are always trying to show their feminine qualities.

What are the feminine qualities??? What do men really like about women? What makes women desirable for men?

Confidence: Men like women who are confident. A confident woman is certain of who she is on the inside. She doesn’t need anyone to feed her compliments or buy her things in order to feel good about herself. Men like women who even feel sexy and stunning in their pyjamas with their hair messed up. They admire women who are not immediately in tears when they’re not called 5 times a day. Men love women who feel attractive inside and out because this energy makes them sexy and irresistible.

Individuality: Men like women who have their own interests and live their own independent lives. They hate women who are clingy and can’t think for themselves. They like women who have their own values and stand by them instead of compromising themselves all the time just to fit in or be liked.

Femininity: Men like women who are feminine, sexy, warm and loving. Living their feminine qualities and getting in touch with their feminine energies that’s what makes women powerful and successful in a very special way.

The goal for men and women is to complement each other. This means both genders are still themselves but their unique qualities together make both of them shine.

Namaste my friends!

Feeling confident and sexy…














It’s in the reach of my armsThe span of my hips,The stride of my step,The curl of my lips.I’m a womanPhenomenally.Phenomenal woman,That’s me.

MAYA ANGELOU, Phenomenal Woman


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