Qi Gong Classes at Double “M” Ranch – Centre for Counseling and Energy Healing

Qi Gong has many benefits; just to mention some of them: it will help you to a deeper and more restorative sleeping level, clear and tranquil your mind, normalize your breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure and hormone levels, improve all post chemo conditions like numbness, dizziness and imbalance, boost your immune power to prevent colds and infections and will operate like an anti-depressant without any side effects….etc.

That’s what my students say:

  • For sure I finally can sleep like a baby.
  • I found out that energy medicine is even better than classical massage: it doesn’t hurt and you can feel that joints are aligning.
  • I feel more relaxed and don’t have those mood swings any more.
  • I had back pain for a very long time – now it’s gone.
  • My balance is coming back.
  • I tell everybody to give it a try. It can’t do any harm; there are no side effects.

To see what it is all about please click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhnBq8BClMk


Everything is energy! ~ Einstein