What’s the link between Qigong, Insomnia and Winter

  1. What causes Insomnia?

Anxiety, Fear, Worries and Phobias

Life can’t be controlled; it will always be unpredictable. Worries (this never-ending treadmill of thoughts circling around in your mind–”what if this happens? what if that happens? how should I deal with it? what can I do?”)don’t get anybody anywhere. Anxiety and Phobias almost always have their roots in a person’s past. Childhood trauma is triggered again and again until you have dealt with it. It can’t be suppressed or forgotten. You have to work it through and release it.

Childhood Conditioning Emotions:  guilt, regret, remorse, grief, confusion, shame, embarrassment, unrequited love, lust, longing, dis-contentment, abandonment and frustration!

Those emotions that were implanted deep into our souls when we grew up and repeated throughout our life experiences due to the law of attraction can only be healed by Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and Self-Forgiveness.

Those emotions are seen as out shadows (Jung) and we’re confronted with them as soon as we are alone with ourselves – AT NIGHT!


It is well-known that insomnia may be a symptom of depression. But you don’t have to be severely depressed; even mild depression, especially if it’s linked with a feeling of helplessness causes restless thoughts and won’t let you fall asleep. You have to learn to stay active to be able to create your life. As soon as you freeze and become passive you will feel like a victim and the whole situation gets worse. Reach out for help! Don’t be afraid of therapy!

Anger and Resentment

These self-destructive negative emotions can chip away at your peace of mind night after night, making you feel like it’s impossible to “let go” and leave behind.

Anger is probably the number-one repressed human emotion because it can cause so many interpersonal conflicts and difficulties: it’s the most stigmatized emotion by society. Many researches proved that when you hold on to anger and resentment they can cause CANCER.

Post-Traumatic Stress

While PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a mental health condition that may require professional treatment, just about everyone has experienced traumas and painful experiences in life.

These events and memories can replay in the mind like an endless loop and definitely prevent you from finding a healthy sleep.

People with PTSD symptoms are patients captured in never ending grief about a loved one,

Dealing with yourself means dealing with your shadow

Dealing with yourself means dealing with your shadow

patients with a lethal disease like Cancer, patients with abuse history and patients who were involved in war, either as civilians or as servants on duty like soldiers, doctors, nurses, journalists etc. with a long-term threat of death fear.

Falling asleep requires a certain level of mental relaxation and comfort.

  1. What can you do to heal Insomnia?

Qigong and the Season of Winter can help you heal inside and from your sleeping disorder.

  • Qigong:

The deep breathing exercises and the movements for the five emotions will help you becoming aware of your suppressed emotions and then releasing them. 
  • Winter:

Winter is the time to connect to your Inner Wisdom and to your True Self. Winter wants you to tune into your deep inner experience, to get to know you, become authentic and embrace your unique personality with deep love, acceptance and forgiveness. Stop criticising and judging yourself. As soon as you can love yourself for who you really are, your relationships in the outer world will improve as well.
There are many exercises from Art and Gestalt Therapy to help you with that. Inner Child work is a big topic around connecting to your very core and soul again.
Be curious, see it as an exciting journey to your true self! Enjoy pampering yourself!

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