Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Mukhabhyanga - Ayurvedic Face Massage

Mukhabhyanga – Ayurvedic Face Massage

I’m proud to finally bring the Ayurvedic Philosophy to such a wonderful place like Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Centre.

If you would like to feel cared for and nurtured and have a rejuvenating and relaxing experience please book this unique Oil Massage.

Here are some of the most important benefits:

– is cleansing and detoxifying
– improves circulation
– boosts the immune system
– restores the body’s energy levels
– reduces stress, anxiety, exhaustion
– balances emotions and the mind
– promotes feelings of peace and calm
– nourishes the body
– extends the life span
– provides good sleep
– improves skin tone
– improves vision
– helps with chronic pain and to achieve better physical stability

I have combined the following Ayurvedic Massage Principles into this unique 60 minute experience:

Shiroabhyanga is the art of the Ayurvedic (Indian) Head Massage. Indian head massage is known to boost circulation, restore joint mobility and leads to increased energy and productivity.

Mukhabhyanga is Ayurvedic face massage, usually extended over the upper body, upper back and shoulders.

The Mukhabhyanga is traditionally described as a treatment that improves the concentration, strengthens the nerves and sensory organs. Also, the face massage is considered to have both, rejuvenating and beautifying effect – by eliminating stress and worry the increased sense of comfort and safety will eventually improve stamina and help to establish sense of inner balance and peace.

Pristhabhyanga is the Ayurvedic back massage while the Nabiabhyanga is the Ayurvedic abdominal massage.

The Ayurvedic Back Massage relaxes muscles and relieves tension – alleviates suffering neck and back pain, stimulates the energy centres  improves circulation, calms and strengthens the nervous system and promotes the flow of energy. Pristhabhyanga addresses stress-related tension and blockages, it has a balancing and diminishing effect on back pain, improves posture and it is believed to have regenerating effect on the spine (cervical, thoracic or lumbar issues).

Nabiabhyanga utilizes marma points to bring the balance to internal organs improving digestive fire and sense of being grounded.

Classic Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic whole body massage that correlates to the generic Swedish massage treatment because it uses Effleurage which reconnect the whole body through applying long, continuous, soothing stroking movements. For an outsider watching a massage therapist it may look like a sacred dance.

Abhyanga is also called the pearl of the Ayurvedic massages and considered to be the most effective treatment, “the heart of Ayurveda”. It has been said that Abhyanga decreases the fatigue and invigorates the body, cleans and tightens the tissue, increases muscle tone and physical strength, reduces muscle and joint pain and makes the joints supple, improves blood circulation and creates a sensation of lightness in the body, cleans the skin and improves the overall complexion, tonifies the nervous system, improves vision, sleep and combats insomnia, increases protection against wounds and injuries, improves perception, blood circulation creating a sensation of lightness in the body, slows down the ageing and rejuvenate aged tissues, relaxes and regenerates, harmonizes the body’s energy and vitalize by reduces stress. The Abhyanga is a tool of silent dialogue between body and soul.

Book me at Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Centre! I also offer Reiki, Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage and Qi Gong for Groups!



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