The Skin won’t hide your emotions…..

Since I’m offering Ayurveda Massage, I’m shocked how many people have eczema and rashes.
I’m also surprised how many people are holding back and hiding their emotions.

The Skin is our largest organ. It’s where our inside meets the outside. A defence against the external world, but it’s also a way to explore new sensations and to caress what we find desirable.

Because mind and skin are intimately connected, many alternative health practitioner are encouraging people to use mind-body relaxation and stress-reduction methods in addition to conventional medicines when dealing with skin problems. As an organ of touch, temperature and pain sensation, and as an erogenous zone, the skin has great psychological importance at all ages. It is an organ of emotional expression and a site for the discharge of anxiety. Your skin can reflect and reveal your emotional states, such as embarrassment, lust, fear and anger.

What are some of psycho-emotional causes for skin diseases?

– Not loving and accepting oneself for who you are
– Not protecting your individuality
– Not being capable of putting up boundaries (family, relationships) / saying “NO” and speaking up for oneself
– Anxiety, Anger, Guilt, Shame and Frustration in several areas of life
– Old “buried” things / family secrets that come to surface
– Immature way of getting attention (Louise Hay about rashes)

To heal psychologically means to transform your anger back to joy, your impatience back to patience, your intolerance back to tolerance, your resentments back to forgiveness and your hate back to love.

In order to deal with your daily stresses that also go “under the skin” you have to change your way of living with daily self-care:

– Get regular exercise. It’s good for your skin and the rest of your body.
– Take time for yourself to do something you enjoy, even if you only have ten minutes.
– Take a walk and be ALONE only with yourself! Get into loving contact with yourself!
– Practice stress management techniques, such as breathing exercises or Qigong.
– Get enough sleep. Seven to eight hours each night is ideal.
– Say no. It’s OK to set limits and boundaries to lower your stress.
– Talk to someone. Seek support from a professional therapist!

Under your skin you cannot run away!


Give yourself a bouquet of roses - give yourself some love and forgiving!

Give yourself a bouquet of roses – give yourself some love and forgiving!


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