Qi Gong Introduction Workshop

Qigong Workshop WebTuesday, July 23rd from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

CAD 99.00 incl. tax, folder, video file and refreshments


Qi Gong Basics:

  • Posture

  • Dantiens

  • Movements

  • Prevent falls, improve balance

  • Sensing Energy

  • Breathing Exercises, Sounds and Vibrations

  • Symbolism and Metaphors
  • Experience a Qigong session

  • Create your own session according to your daily schedule and have it sent to you as a little video


Please register as soon as possible! Registration forms with cancellation policy can be sent out to you by email. CAD 20.00 down payment for administrative reasons. Early birds (till July 4th) get 10% off!!! Call me @ +1-204-636-7787 or email me @ monikamargueritelux@gmail.com!

Energy Healing and the Question about Emotional Balance

It is pretty interesting how a certain topic enters your life….

At the moment I constantly have encounters with people who ask me A) “I’m an energy healer, but I have a lot of stress in my life at the moment. Can I still heal others?” or B)”Somebody did Reiki on me but this person is so out of balance that I couldn’t feel anything during the session. Would I have been able to feel something when he would have been more balanced?” or C) “I have a friend who is an energy healer but has to deal with so many problems that she sometimes tells me about those issues. Then I’m feeling worse than before the treatment. Is that ok?” or D) “I’ve been diagnosed by an energy healer to have all my chakras screwed up and that it takes several sessions to unblock me. Am I really that sick?”

Question A: YOU are NOT healing others!!! Whether you are in balance or not! You are channeling Universal energies to enhance your client’s Self-Healing-Power! If you have a lot of stress in your life, deal with it first before you have your next client! It’s only fair to the client if you cancel the appointment and admit that you’re out of balance!

Question B: Depending on the training/education (weekend Reiki workshops for more than one level or attunements over the phone or online are NO-NO’s) and personal growth of the healer I would say “Yes, if this person would have been balanced you would have felt something!”

Question C: OH MY GOD!!! That’s breaking the Energy Healing Code of ETHICS! There are TWO ABSOLUTE/DEFINITE NO-NO’s: 1. Never load your issues on a client! Deal with it and then have clients again! 2. Never make a diagnosis!!! see Question D

Question D: OH MY GOD!!! I would like to know how screwed up are the chakras of this energy healer… Remember, our clients are OK the way they are. Our clients have all the skills and resources to create a successful life! Sometimes they come to us for guidance but not to be told that they are out of whack. That’s what the doctors tell them often enough! Energy Healers have to know better!!! We are here to encourage because we know that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If our clients leave our practice with a POSITIVE MIND they’re already on their PERSONAL HEALING PATH!

I started my spiritual path with Energy Healing in 1997 and with every step of getting more balanced BY FINISHING MY UNFINISHED BUSINESS FROM THE PAST I could feel more energy and get more metaphorical inner pictures or personal affirmations for my client while working with her or him. One day I left the hand positions I learned with Reiki because the energy kept moving me in certain ways and since that happened I get all this wonderful feedback from my clients about intensively feeling the energy and seeing colours. I am convinced that only when I’m psycho-emotionally balanced I can drop into the SACRED PLACE OF THE HEART and that’s when HEALING happens. That’s when my and my client’s energies can meet on a HEART or unconditional LOVE – Level. That’s when we are at the ZERO or STILL POINT. And that’s not possible if somebody is not in balance but still in his or her BRAIN!

Go out of your BRAIN and into your HEART and then let HAPPEN! The UNIVERSE will do the rest!