How to be the CEO of your life

The secret is "to be in the moment"!!!

The secret is “to be in the moment”!!!

Yesterday a Facebook friend of mine posted a video about the misuse of cell phones especially among young people and one of his friends commented how liberating it was when he got rid of his one.

It’s not my business to understand why you have to get rid of your cell phone to feel free or why you have to cancel your TV contract to have more time for your kids or why you have to pour away a glass of wine to avoid addiction but somehow it touched one of my “Life Coaching Nerves”.

We are the creators of our life and our reality. But much more: we are in charge / control of and responsible for our lives. We are the MASTERS, COMMANDERS, CEO’s.

The definition of CEO is the following: The Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking administrator in charge of total management of an organization.

We are the highest-ranking administrator in charge of managing our lives! It’s that short and sweet!

We are not slaves of cell phones, TVs, Computers, Alcohol, Drugs etc. unless we CHOSE to be.

I am very proud of my husband because he stopped smoking. He did not throw away the cigarettes like many others. They were laying next to him. But he said to me: “I recognized that smoking is just a habit and that I am able to control and change my habits whenever I chose to do so.”

But in order to control and organize our lives we have to reach a certain personal growth level that results from learning the following important life lessons:

Love and accept yourself unconditionally from the bottom of your heart as the person you are. Look into the mirror, tell yourself that you love yourself and that you forgive yourself all that “putting yourself down”.

Everything you fear, hate or fight gains power over you and makes you a slave. That means you have to be aware of and acknowledge fear and then release it/let go of it again.

Become aware of belief patterns! What made you think that the glass is half empty instead of half full. An event in your childhood, a belief you took over from a parent? Is there any 100% scientific proof that this belief is true? No? Then release it and chose a new one!

Ground yourself and be in the MOMENT. If you’re in the NOW the “monkey in your mind” gives up because there’s no time for unnecessary thoughts.

ACT instead of reacting! How do you want to achieve a goal when you’re passive waiting for the “right time”?

And those are only a view tips I am going to give away today…

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