Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 5

0starslakeA client came to a life-cycle counselling session with Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki. The topic was “Are we victims of life circumstances, events or even other people we interact with?”.

I explained that if we can find the strength, confidence and faith within ourselves it doesn’t matter what’s happening around us because then we are balanced energetically and the Universe reflects this positive energy and works for us. Then we can go with the flow of life and have wonderful things happen.

But old belief patterns we have developed in our childhood prevent us from finding the strength and confidence because we think such stupid things like “we are not loved, not save, not worthy etc.” and so on.

So we looked for those beliefs and did some Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping to release them from the mind.

Then we went into the Reiki session. When I do Reiki at my healing center I’m tuning into the divine energies by looking out of my window. I see the water moving slowly and sparkling in the sun, I hear the birds singing and the leaves rustling in the wind. Then I close my eyes, sink into the sacred spot in my heart to clear my mind and let happen.

This time I saw a place in the desert. There was a little town. But outside the town nomads had put up their tents and there were camels laying in front and a sheep running around. There was a little well out of stone and men dressed like Bedouins were getting water and talking to each other in a strange language. Suddenly I saw him and knew it was Jesus. He sat down beside the well and soon was surrounded by people who wanted to hear what he has to say. He looked at them and said: “What’s all this worrying about? Why are you always doubting yourself? Can’t you see that the Divine is inside of you all? You have all the strength you need and all the skills you need inside of you! If you have faith into the Divine within yourself you can live your life freely and without any fear!”

When I told my client about my vision she said: “This picture you’re describing is very encouraging for me and there is a passage in the bible. I will look it up and mail it to you.”

In the evening I found this nice message in my mailbox:

Hi Monika,
I just looked up the passage in John about Jesus and the woman at the well.  It’s in John chapter 4 (in the new Testament, right after Luke). 
I found it very interesting how it fit with what you saw and heard from Jesus!
Thanks again! ….and have a wonderful Weekend!

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 4

handflamesA young man came to me for a Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki session. He was very tall and had a powerful physique. He told me that he’s practicing martial arts for many years now and always wanted to try Reiki. He said when he got to know that I’m doing Qigong he knew I would be the right person.

During the treatment I suddenly became him, but I was a little boy who was buried under a group of other boys who were yelling at me and beating me up. I was scared to death and I found myself grasping for air. As fast as this vision came as fast it disappeared again and the rest of the session went very peacefully.

After cutting the energetic cords and thanking the higher power for giving me the energy to help my client. I went for some water for the both of us. When I came back he was sitting on the massage table with a surprised look on his face. “This was really powerful! This was really great stuff! I’ve never expected to feel that much energy running through my body. And there were thousands of thoughts that were just cleared and released…. Wow! Thanks so much!” he said.

Carefully I asked: “Have you ever been humiliated or bullied when you were a little kid?”

He looked at me even more surprised. “How would you know?” he asked “I had indeed a very traumatic event when I was in elementary school. I was beaten up and almost strangled to death.”

“I know” I said “hopefully it was released today!” He smiled at me and answered “I’ll check and if not it’s probably time to deal with it… Promise!”

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 3

FlamehandA woman booked a Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki Session. She told me she’d have breast cancer and would need some peace and calmness. She knew Reiki and said it had already helped her so often, but when she heard about the way I combine the ancient Usui teachings with Sacred Heart and Quantum healing she would be very excited to experience this technique .

When I was working on her head I heard a voice. This voice wanted reassure her: “You are NOT alone! You are loved! You are save!” Those short sentences sounded like affirmations to me so I programmed them with the mental/emotional Reiki Symbol that means “God and man become one” and brings together the brain and the body. This symbol balances the left and right side of the brain and gives peace and harmony.

When I was working on her feet the voice said: “Where are your roots? Why are they all cut? Don’t you see that you’re still walking on this earth? You have to regrow your roots and anchor them deep into the soil. That’s the only chance for you to heal.”

When I was holding her hands I saw her dancing, but she slipped and fell. The voice said: “It’s not so bad to fall, but you have to get up again!” and then it shouted loudly: “Get up! NOW!!!!”

When I told her what I had heard and seen, she said: “This was the most powerful treatment I’ve ever had and I heard that voice too….”

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 2

0EagleDoveA life-cycle counselling session with energy healing. The topic is not unusual. It’s about worries and doubts – emotions all human beings have, even if their self-confidence is very good. There are little arrows in the disguise of words that hit us deeper than usual, especially when we’re unprepared and unprotected at certain days when we get up in the morning feeling already that we don’t have access to our full energetic potential.

Those are the days we have to learn how to get balanced and into a happy mood and not dwell on the negative event for too long of a time. We have to learn that people talking to us like that have problems with themselves and that we should not allow their moods to affect us too badly.

We also were talking about what it means to do our best every day, about forgiving ourselves for too much criticism  and about not being able to control everything in life but having to learn how to let go from time to time in order for the Universe to help us.

My client was a very religious person and so we also talked about God and Faith. Being very open and honest I told her that I left the Roman Catholic Church as soon as I had reached legal age. I said that I have absolute faith into a higher power to guide us, that I can find it in nature but also believe that it is the Divine inside of us. I told her I couldn’t discuss the bible because I’ve never read it, but for me there would not be a “punishing God” like I was raised with as a child, having to confess my sins as a six year-old in order not to get into hell but a loving Creator who wants all of us to live happy lives.

Then we did the Reiki treatment and I saw a big white bird soaring in front of the sun shining in a wonderful blue summer sky. When it came closer I had to discover that it was a dove with the head and the talons of an eagle. It said to me that spirituality is more than sitting on a mat and meditating. It’s about acknowledging the opposites, polarities or yin and yang in life. Spirituality means living fully, passionately, never stop learning, real listening , communicating honestly, acting lovingly and fighting peacefully for making an everlasting difference for the people around us. It asked me: “Would men be able to see the light without shadow, to know when it’s day when there would not be a night, to be real empathetic without being hurt?”

When I told my client about this encounter she smiled and said it was part of a sermon not long ago…..

Looking after this symbol in the internet revealed the following:


I believe the Lord is revealing to us that there is a new move of the Holy Spirit about to hit the United States of America, entering in through the East gate (Ezekiel 43:1-2). The white Eagle-Dove was gentle, yet with fire in His eyes, He was also powerful. The Dove representing the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Holiness is a bird of promise and represents a powerful truth (Acts 2:39).

Together, the Eagle and the Dove represent the gentle, yet powerful influence and authority of complete purity or the Spirit of Holiness. As extraordinary as the white Eagle-Dove is, so is this move of the Holy Spirit, incomparable and without equal to any other we have seen or heard before.

The shift in the wind indicated the move is swift, quick, powerful, influential, authoritative, and coming in the breath from the inspiration of God (Ezekiel 37). The Eagle-Dove is the Spirit of the Lord. It is God’s voice upon the waters (Revelation 1:15). For it is He who commands and raises up the stormy wind, which lifts up the waves of the sea (Psalm 107:25).

Joshua Apostolic Prophetic Network

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 1

MuschelnA man who was grieving the loss of his wife found his way to my healing center. The first sessions we just did some grief counselling. He learnt that a man is allowed to cry and that there is no wrong or right to go through the grieving process. He was glad to get to know that there’s no time limit and that he’s allowed to feel all the different emotions from deep sadness to outrageous anger. He found out that he still could be close to his beloved wife and take little steps to transfer the earthly experience with her into heartily and spiritual memories that would be everlasting.

Then we started with the energy healing treatments and what I call Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki and he more and more found his inner peace.

One day he came to me and told me that he had a wonderful dream but when he started to speak about it tears were running over his face and his voice choked. I said to him that we should do the treatment first and then it would be easier to speak about his dream and he agreed.

During the treatment I had a vision and saw him and his wife taking a walk at the beach. They held each others’ hands and talked and laughed and then they stopped for a long kiss. There was a fisher’s cabin and a rowing boat leaning in the white sand. They both went into the cabin and laid down in silence just to hear each others’ heart beat and to enjoy the moments of two souls becoming one…..

After the treatment I told my client about this vision and he got tears in his eyes when he said with a peaceful smile: “That was my dream!”