Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 2

0EagleDoveA life-cycle counselling session with energy healing. The topic is not unusual. It’s about worries and doubts – emotions all human beings have, even if their self-confidence is very good. There are little arrows in the disguise of words that hit us deeper than usual, especially when we’re unprepared and unprotected at certain days when we get up in the morning feeling already that we don’t have access to our full energetic potential.

Those are the days we have to learn how to get balanced and into a happy mood and not dwell on the negative event for too long of a time. We have to learn that people talking to us like that have problems with themselves and that we should not allow their moods to affect us too badly.

We also were talking about what it means to do our best every day, about forgiving ourselves for too much criticism  and about not being able to control everything in life but having to learn how to let go from time to time in order for the Universe to help us.

My client was a very religious person and so we also talked about God and Faith. Being very open and honest I told her that I left the Roman Catholic Church as soon as I had reached legal age. I said that I have absolute faith into a higher power to guide us, that I can find it in nature but also believe that it is the Divine inside of us. I told her I couldn’t discuss the bible because I’ve never read it, but for me there would not be a “punishing God” like I was raised with as a child, having to confess my sins as a six year-old in order not to get into hell but a loving Creator who wants all of us to live happy lives.

Then we did the Reiki treatment and I saw a big white bird soaring in front of the sun shining in a wonderful blue summer sky. When it came closer I had to discover that it was a dove with the head and the talons of an eagle. It said to me that spirituality is more than sitting on a mat and meditating. It’s about acknowledging the opposites, polarities or yin and yang in life. Spirituality means living fully, passionately, never stop learning, real listening , communicating honestly, acting lovingly and fighting peacefully for making an everlasting difference for the people around us. It asked me: “Would men be able to see the light without shadow, to know when it’s day when there would not be a night, to be real empathetic without being hurt?”

When I told my client about this encounter she smiled and said it was part of a sermon not long ago…..

Looking after this symbol in the internet revealed the following:


I believe the Lord is revealing to us that there is a new move of the Holy Spirit about to hit the United States of America, entering in through the East gate (Ezekiel 43:1-2). The white Eagle-Dove was gentle, yet with fire in His eyes, He was also powerful. The Dove representing the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Holiness is a bird of promise and represents a powerful truth (Acts 2:39).

Together, the Eagle and the Dove represent the gentle, yet powerful influence and authority of complete purity or the Spirit of Holiness. As extraordinary as the white Eagle-Dove is, so is this move of the Holy Spirit, incomparable and without equal to any other we have seen or heard before.

The shift in the wind indicated the move is swift, quick, powerful, influential, authoritative, and coming in the breath from the inspiration of God (Ezekiel 37). The Eagle-Dove is the Spirit of the Lord. It is God’s voice upon the waters (Revelation 1:15). For it is He who commands and raises up the stormy wind, which lifts up the waves of the sea (Psalm 107:25).

Joshua Apostolic Prophetic Network


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