Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 3

FlamehandA woman booked a Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki Session. She told me she’d have breast cancer and would need some peace and calmness. She knew Reiki and said it had already helped her so often, but when she heard about the way I combine the ancient Usui teachings with Sacred Heart and Quantum healing she would be very excited to experience this technique .

When I was working on her head I heard a voice. This voice wanted reassure her: “You are NOT alone! You are loved! You are save!” Those short sentences sounded like affirmations to me so I programmed them with the mental/emotional Reiki Symbol that means “God and man become one” and brings together the brain and the body. This symbol balances the left and right side of the brain and gives peace and harmony.

When I was working on her feet the voice said: “Where are your roots? Why are they all cut? Don’t you see that you’re still walking on this earth? You have to regrow your roots and anchor them deep into the soil. That’s the only chance for you to heal.”

When I was holding her hands I saw her dancing, but she slipped and fell. The voice said: “It’s not so bad to fall, but you have to get up again!” and then it shouted loudly: “Get up! NOW!!!!”

When I told her what I had heard and seen, she said: “This was the most powerful treatment I’ve ever had and I heard that voice too….”


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