Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 4

handflamesA young man came to me for a Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki session. He was very tall and had a powerful physique. He told me that he’s practicing martial arts for many years now and always wanted to try Reiki. He said when he got to know that I’m doing Qigong he knew I would be the right person.

During the treatment I suddenly became him, but I was a little boy who was buried under a group of other boys who were yelling at me and beating me up. I was scared to death and I found myself grasping for air. As fast as this vision came as fast it disappeared again and the rest of the session went very peacefully.

After cutting the energetic cords and thanking the higher power for giving me the energy to help my client. I went for some water for the both of us. When I came back he was sitting on the massage table with a surprised look on his face. “This was really powerful! This was really great stuff! I’ve never expected to feel that much energy running through my body. And there were thousands of thoughts that were just cleared and released…. Wow! Thanks so much!” he said.

Carefully I asked: “Have you ever been humiliated or bullied when you were a little kid?”

He looked at me even more surprised. “How would you know?” he asked “I had indeed a very traumatic event when I was in elementary school. I was beaten up and almost strangled to death.”

“I know” I said “hopefully it was released today!” He smiled at me and answered “I’ll check and if not it’s probably time to deal with it… Promise!”


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