Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 8

0DandybA client asked me to do a Reiki session just for relaxation. She said she had Rainbow Reiki done years ago but never heard of Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki. I told her that I have developed this kind of Reiki and that it is a combination of Usui Reiki with Quantum Healing and the Heart Field.

After the Reiki session she told me that she had very strong sensations of energy flow in her body and that she seemed to go through numerous thoughts. She asked me what I had sensed….

I said, I had a picture of her walking and turning her head back and I could hear the sentence “Don’t turn around! Keep on walking! The past is over! You can make it!” She referred this to her experience of trying to stop smoking. She said it would still be a hard battle and sometimes she would like to give up… She asked me if this voice could have come from her mother who died several years ago, but with whom she still had a close contact. I acknowledged her assumption because the next words from this voice were “You are loved! I’m protecting and guarding you!”

I told her that I had a kind of flashback, but that it was so fast that I only could glimpse a struggle between a man and a woman at a beach and I asked if she had a bad memory of a holiday with a man she was separating from. She broke out laughing and laughing…. She said “How in the world could you catch this? This was years ago and definitely on a holiday. I was so mad at him that I wanted to push him from a bridge and sure-enough we separated shortly after this!”

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Everything is possible when you are open to healing!


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