Energy Healing and Religion

0 ReikihandsAgain and again I’m asked by a lot of people: “Doesn’t energy healing interfere with religion?”

No, it doesn’t!!!

It brings you closer to your own religion and closer to your FAITH!

I am praying before every Reiki Session! I am praying for the healing energy coming through me; I am praying for the healing energy going to all the places in my client’s body where it’s needed; I am praying for my client’s acceptance of this healing energy and that the healing continues after the session and I am saying in my mind: “It’s your will that can make it happen not mine. But just say one word and we all could be healed! Once you stated that you are with those who are praying to you, so please be with us now in this room and send us Love and Peace!” Then I’m starting the session and I am open to what happens.

It was Reiki that taught me how to be faithful again!

I was raised roman-catholic and I can remember that after my first days in school as a 6-year-old my father would send me to confession because I would be such a sinful child. I said I wouldn’t know what I had done and he yelled at me that I should think about what I am doing to him and my mother with my bad behaviour and that if I wouldn’t confess the devil would get me and I would burn in hell. I had liked church until this moment and thought it would be something very safe where I could hide and that God would like me because I was praying a lot. But when I came closer to this dark little room completely on my own I felt scared like never before in my life. I was kneeling in darkness, not knowing where the priest’s voice was coming from and telling him that I didn’t obey at home and that I was very sorry for that. And he forgave me in the name of God when I would say 10 prayers to God and 10 prayers to Mother Mary.

From this moment everything changed and I hated religion lessons and I hated going to church on Sundays. My aversion became so strong that I fainted during the sermon and after it had happened several times was allowed to stay at home. When I was a teenager I used to observe the priest and I found him standing in front of a carousel at a fair watching the girls’ skirts lifting from the draft and smiling at their underwear and I felt disgusted! I felt that if he really is a messenger of God and is not allowed to have women he should stick to that and not disobey his orders because then it would be very unfair that a child is punished for not having listened to his/her parents. I refused going to church and with 18 I left church and was without any belief or faith. I felt very lonely, became depressed because of my parents splitting up and betraying each other while still living in the same house and staying married. With around 20 I remembered my mother telling me that she never wanted a child and I felt there was no place for me on this planet and I started having suicidal thoughts being treated with strong antidepressants.

With 30, after my father’s death, I experienced my first Reiki Session and for the first time after 24 years of mental turmoil I found peace within myself!

It was REIKI who made me believe again! It was REIKI that enabled me to re-connect to myself and re-connect to higher GUIDANCE! It was REIKI that showed me that I am not alone and that I am unconditionally loved!

Since I attuned a Deacon to Reiki I learned that this was not just my experience because she told me that she feels closer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit than ever before, reassured that she is doing her best in forwarding God’s words and strengthened in her faith.

REIKI is a path to Love, Peace and Happiness!

Just start the journey and let us go this path together!

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I am teaching groups and individuals!

I am teaching groups and individuals!