I am a passionate photographer!

Group workshops are my passion! Nothing is more rewarding than experiencing when people discover their resources and re-connect with their true self again!

A friend asked me to tell him within 15 seconds what “Do it the BalanChing® Way” is about and I answered, that it’s about helping people to help themselves to activate their inner healing power and balance the energetic triangle “Body, Soul and Spirit”.

I’m Monika Marguerite Lux from Rosenheim (Bavaria, Germany).

I am providing my clients with intuitive counseling, finding out their personal way and the energy tool that fits best with their situation. I’m ultimately teaching my clients how to self-apply Energy Healing Methods like the Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors who would help families to help themselves in maintaining their health and preventing disease.

I am an Energy Healing Master/Instructor, Photographer and Executive Director/Business Owner of Double M Ranch Centre for Counselling and Energy Healing & Photo Studio in Manitoba. I have a German Master’s Degree in Applied Integrative Psychology, a combination of Gestalt Therapy, Art Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Trance Therapy, Systemic Constellation Therapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I am also a Reiki Master/Instructor and Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

That’s what Stanford Who’s Who says about me: Monika holds a great deal of passion for helping others heal by targeting their Inner healing power and focusing on the Balance of the body, soul and spirit. After the passing of her father, Monika began her own spiritual journey of healing and while delving into the field quickly became qualified to help others. Since then she continues studying Energy Healing and Counselling Art and integrates new techniques and methods all the time. She said “My kind of therapy can’t be exactly planned. My sessions adapt intuitively to the client’s present situation. And that’s just the way how miracles can happen – in the very moment, in the NOW”.  As owner of “Do it the BalanCHIng® Way,” Monika offers various workshops, grief healing sessions and an array of several other treatments all geared towards helping her clients specific healing needs. She combines certain Counseling Techniques like NLP, Art and Gestalt Therapy with Energy Healing Therapies like Reiki, Applied Kinesiology and Systemic Constellation Therapy in order to get quick results in clients’ Healing and Growing.

My second passion, the photography has been with me since childhood. I’m proud to say that I have the eye and creative spirit to capture the beauty of a moment in each photo session. Creating unforgettable and everlasting memories of my client’s life is what I strive for in my work. Light creates a photograph that tells a unique story without words’ but it’s the photographer’s eye who catches the right moment. I am specialized on Wedding Photography (candid and journalism) and Green Screen Photography (a subject is shot in front of a green backdrop which is taken out by the computer software and replaced by any kind of background behind the person to create unique fantasy photos). With my new photo studio at Double M Ranch, I am now able to offer the choice of studio style or on-location photos, so my clients can get the professional photos they have always wanted at home, at the beach or at the park (Riding Mountain National Park). In addition to that I am creating meditation cards, calendars and photo books. 

The Double “M” Ranch, which is situated only a stone’s throw away from Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, provides the perfect setting for people to get away from the fast-paced world of everyday life and discover the peace and tranquility of nature and healing. Monika is the founder of a combination of ancient healing techniques known as’ “Do it the BalanChing Way!” At the Double “M” Ranch, she provides clients with intuitive counseling, finding out their personal way and the energy tool that fits best with their situation. Monika ultimately teaches clients how to self-apply the method like the Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors who would help families to help themselves.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I found really interesting your work.
    I’m researching right now about how the Asteroids
    can be interpreted in a birth chart.
    I use, simbolism, mythology and the ideas of fairy tales is

    • Hi Tamara, thanks so much for your interest in my work. I will keep you updated. I’m planing to do a family constellation workshop in July, August and September. I just have to figure out the dates. Warm regards, Monika

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