Energy Healing and Religion

0 ReikihandsAgain and again I’m asked by a lot of people: “Doesn’t energy healing interfere with religion?”

No, it doesn’t!!!

It brings you closer to your own religion and closer to your FAITH!

I am praying before every Reiki Session! I am praying for the healing energy coming through me; I am praying for the healing energy going to all the places in my client’s body where it’s needed; I am praying for my client’s acceptance of this healing energy and that the healing continues after the session and I am saying in my mind: “It’s your will that can make it happen not mine. But just say one word and we all could be healed! Once you stated that you are with those who are praying to you, so please be with us now in this room and send us Love and Peace!” Then I’m starting the session and I am open to what happens.

It was Reiki that taught me how to be faithful again!

I was raised roman-catholic and I can remember that after my first days in school as a 6-year-old my father would send me to confession because I would be such a sinful child. I said I wouldn’t know what I had done and he yelled at me that I should think about what I am doing to him and my mother with my bad behaviour and that if I wouldn’t confess the devil would get me and I would burn in hell. I had liked church until this moment and thought it would be something very safe where I could hide and that God would like me because I was praying a lot. But when I came closer to this dark little room completely on my own I felt scared like never before in my life. I was kneeling in darkness, not knowing where the priest’s voice was coming from and telling him that I didn’t obey at home and that I was very sorry for that. And he forgave me in the name of God when I would say 10 prayers to God and 10 prayers to Mother Mary.

From this moment everything changed and I hated religion lessons and I hated going to church on Sundays. My aversion became so strong that I fainted during the sermon and after it had happened several times was allowed to stay at home. When I was a teenager I used to observe the priest and I found him standing in front of a carousel at a fair watching the girls’ skirts lifting from the draft and smiling at their underwear and I felt disgusted! I felt that if he really is a messenger of God and is not allowed to have women he should stick to that and not disobey his orders because then it would be very unfair that a child is punished for not having listened to his/her parents. I refused going to church and with 18 I left church and was without any belief or faith. I felt very lonely, became depressed because of my parents splitting up and betraying each other while still living in the same house and staying married. With around 20 I remembered my mother telling me that she never wanted a child and I felt there was no place for me on this planet and I started having suicidal thoughts being treated with strong antidepressants.

With 30, after my father’s death, I experienced my first Reiki Session and for the first time after 24 years of mental turmoil I found peace within myself!

It was REIKI who made me believe again! It was REIKI that enabled me to re-connect to myself and re-connect to higher GUIDANCE! It was REIKI that showed me that I am not alone and that I am unconditionally loved!

Since I attuned a Deacon to Reiki I learned that this was not just my experience because she told me that she feels closer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit than ever before, reassured that she is doing her best in forwarding God’s words and strengthened in her faith.

REIKI is a path to Love, Peace and Happiness!

Just start the journey and let us go this path together!

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I am teaching groups and individuals!

I am teaching groups and individuals!


Symbolism in Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki

The Phoenix, symbol of re-creationYesterday I met with my Reiki students for an exchange of thoughts and healing energy.

After sharing our experiences with Reiki and how we all integrate it into our daily lives we went upstairs to do a healing on each of us with the group holding certain points from Polarity Therapy.

It was a very powerful procedure. I can say that I never had such a strong vision anymore since my master attunements.

During my last master attunement I became a dolphin, diving, jumping and playing joyfully in the water. Suddenly after a deep dive I shot out of the ocean high up in the sky and became an eagle, soaring through the air with ease and lightness, looking at everything from above, receiving insight about what’s really important in life and that my purpose is sharing my wisdom about healing.

During the group treatment I went into a deep trance and suddenly found myself in the desert. I saw a mountain range at far distance and I felt the sun burning on me. I was alone and stood in the middle of an ocean of sand, stretching out to the horizon. There was no food and no water and I knew I would die but I wasn’t afraid. I was eager to see what would happen…..

When the sun burned me to death I became a bird of fire and rose up high into the sky and right into the sun. I  dressed myself with its flames and incessantly soared the limitless sky. When the day threatened to end my existence in order to clear the way for the night I knew I had entered the cycle of Re-Creation. I took a steep dive into the earth and became the limitless sand covering the desert. But only to rise anew the very next day……

“You’ve been the Phoenix in your vision”, my students told me and encouraged me to google the meaning of this archetype.

It’s very exciting what I found:

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that consciously consumes itself in flames to be reborn newly from its ashes. The phoenix is the symbol of the transformation of human consciousness and our creative spirit that each of us must undergo to one degree or another to create what we desire. The method that is used is our choice but the process is inescapable.

The are several versions of the legend of the phoenix. They all seemed to place the origins of the phoenix in Egyptian mythology. It is seen as a mythical bird that lived in the Arabian Desert. What is interesting about the Phoenix is that when it saw death draw near, or when it choose, it would consciously consume itself in flames to be reborn and rising newly from its ashes young and beautiful to live another cycle.

The interpretation of this legend has been that the Phoenix symbolizes the resurrection, immortality and mankind’s indestructible spirit. The myth refers to our creative spirit and the free will and choice we each possess to recreate ourselves. It is the story of our creative life energy being made manifest in physical form only to die to that form and be reborn in some new form.

It needs to be understood, the death to which we refer is not always physical death. There are many deaths we face at many different levels of our being and many different times of our life.

As long as we see ourselves as a human being who is born, lives and dies, we will miss the power of the phoenix myth. However, if we see ourselves as our conscious awareness and begin to observe that awareness, we will see that our awareness never changes. What changes in the form or filter that we use to experience Creation. We will see there are many levels and dimensions to this filter of which viewing Creation through the interpretation of a human brain is only one such filter. If we observe carefully, we will see there are an infinite number of such filters, some more important than others in any given moment. Yet, our awareness is capable of choosing any filter it desires if it is aware and awake to the existence of the filter. In the end, the phoenix myth is a description of the process of changing the filter we use to experience Creation.

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 8

0DandybA client asked me to do a Reiki session just for relaxation. She said she had Rainbow Reiki done years ago but never heard of Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki. I told her that I have developed this kind of Reiki and that it is a combination of Usui Reiki with Quantum Healing and the Heart Field.

After the Reiki session she told me that she had very strong sensations of energy flow in her body and that she seemed to go through numerous thoughts. She asked me what I had sensed….

I said, I had a picture of her walking and turning her head back and I could hear the sentence “Don’t turn around! Keep on walking! The past is over! You can make it!” She referred this to her experience of trying to stop smoking. She said it would still be a hard battle and sometimes she would like to give up… She asked me if this voice could have come from her mother who died several years ago, but with whom she still had a close contact. I acknowledged her assumption because the next words from this voice were “You are loved! I’m protecting and guarding you!”

I told her that I had a kind of flashback, but that it was so fast that I only could glimpse a struggle between a man and a woman at a beach and I asked if she had a bad memory of a holiday with a man she was separating from. She broke out laughing and laughing…. She said “How in the world could you catch this? This was years ago and definitely on a holiday. I was so mad at him that I wanted to push him from a bridge and sure-enough we separated shortly after this!”

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Everything is possible when you are open to healing!

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 7

Light, Breath and the Word of Love can break through the heaviest and darkest cloud!

Light, Breath and the Word of Love can break through the heaviest and darkest cloud!

One day we met for a Reiki Exchange. Talking about energy we agreed that in some areas one may find too many bitter and unhappy people and it seems as if a dark cloud is hanging over this particular place. With this subject on mind we went into the Reiki session…

Like so many times I heard this particular Voice again:

You need some wind to blow this cloud away. Breath is your secret weapon! Breathing together with the same breath will move the heaviest and darkest cloud!

And you need light to break through the cloud. There’s only one place in each of you that holds the eternal light and that’s your heart! Open your heart together and not the heaviest and darkest cloud can withstand.

And you need the word to spread love in the world! Your voice and words are given to you for a very special purpose! Choose your words wisely, let them be free of judgement and vengeance! Spread the word of Love together to heal the world!

Doctors are removing tumors and organs in their fight against illness and darkness! But this will never work out in the end because the tumor will regrow as every dis-ease is a cry for help and for LOVE! Only love can transform and mankind can only be healed by Transformation!

“Amen” my Reiki partner said and smiled “This is the absolute truth! I’d like to put this in one of my sermons”.

Quantum Healing? REIKI HAS IT ALL!

Reiki Master Workshop

Reiki Master Workshop

Oh, if only you would know how INCOMPLETE your teachings are, all you modern Quantum Healers and Authors!

Standing there on the stage in front of “threehundredsomething”people, talking about pink dolphins and making fun of ancient energy healing methods….

Can’t you see? People are coming to you desperately, sick and depressed… looking for healing and you contra-indicate yourself all the time. First you say “Nobody can heal you but yourself”; in the next second you say “while you’re sitting here with me you’re already attuned to the new frequencies I discovered and miracles can happen. Oh, you got stuck with the elevator in your hotel? See, those are the new frequencies!” I beg you pardon, are you serious? Then you continue “you don’t need hand positions anymore like for example taught in Reiki” and in the next minute “now we will be learning the new hand positions on how to play with the frequencies and nobody of you dare to do something like Reiki etc.” Hey, audience, can’t you hear and see what’s happening. Those guys make fun out of you! But they continue “Forget about Reiki, Yoga or Qigong and all the other energy healing methods! When you want to be a practitioner with my theory you’re not allowed to practice anything else anymore.” One minute later “There’s a yoga session (with the name of the New Quantum Healing Brand) tomorrow morning. It’s only that much Dollars. I hope, you all join!” One month after they sent you the certificate by email – to save their ink because after doing a seminar with more than 300 people for 600 Dollars per person the gesture of handing out something in print would cost them the new Armani leather jacket – they tell you that they discovered they had missed to teach you something and you can’t be practitioner anymore until you took a new seminar for…. Dollars! Honestly, what you are doing to the people is outrageous!

For me, Reiki is the one and only HOLISTIC Energy Healing Philosophy!

It is quantum by nature! When you let the energy move through you in a deep meditative state you are automatically in the right Universal Frequencies and when you are moving your hands in the energy field looking for reference points you’re automatically doing the famous two point technique! This part is so easy!

It has an ancient tradition! Like the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Qigong, TaiChi, Yoga etc. energy healing is thousands of years old and even mentioned in the bible.

It includes the Growing and Healing Process of the Reiki Student which is left out at all the mass seminars that are held all over the world!

It has the three Levels of:
  • Learning, Growing and Healing yourself
  • Learning, Growing and Healing others
  • Learning, Growing, Healing and Teaching yourself (Awareness, Inner Wisdom, Daily Self-Care etc.) and others

It includes taking responsibility for yourself and others

It includes learning non-judgement, non-expectation, non-assumption

It includes learning how to live unconditional love, kindness, gratefulness and forgiveness

It includes learning how to live a balanced, fulfilled, content Life

As far as I know, there are no other teachings embracing life principles (Dr. Usui) that help you growing and healing

I just had the honor to attune two students to the Master/Instructor level and right now I’m teaching Level I in a one-on-one workshop. I feel great gratitude for this gift I’m able to share with you!

If you like to get more info about Reiki or if you like to learn it, please contact me!

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 6

Have faith into the divine light shining inside and through you...

Have faith into the divine light shining inside and through you…

A woman came to a Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki Session. She said she wasn’t sure if she gave enough in her job and was doubting if the board members voted her for her position again. She was very afraid of what they might think about her and felt insecure and anxious when she arrived at the healing centre. “Perhaps there will be an answer coming up for me during the session. I’m praying a lot and still I’m full of worries…” she said.

First nothing happened and I asked the Universe to send me an inner picture, a voice or some personal affirmations! Again nothing appeared… I went deeper into my trance,  following the movement of the energy with my whole body… and then it happened…

I saw my client walking through the fields on a narrow path. In a distance there was a little chapel on a hill. My client climbed up the hill and entered the chapel through an old heavy wooden door. There were two benches and where the altar was supposed to be there was the statue of Mary holding a flame in her hands in front of her heart. Although there were several rows of candles in front of her, the flame in her hand was the only light source in the chapel. My client kneeled down in front of one of the benches and looked up into Mary’s face. Then it seemed as if the statue started to become alive… Mary smiled and reached out with the flame in her hand. “Why are you losing your faith into yourself?” she asked “Can’t you see? You have all the Divinity inside of you just exactly the same way as I have God’s flame inside my heart that I opened for mankind to see. Don’t be afraid! Everything will work out for you! If you’re giving your best at anytime in your life you don’t have to worry at all!” Suddenly all the candles started to burn as if they all had been lightened by an invisible match at the same time….. and my client became calm and relaxed and felt the peace within herself.

She smiled when I told her what I’ve seen and said that’s exactly the picture she’d needed to feel strong and self-assured again. She told me she felt refreshed and ready to start the week with this positive vision in her mind.

When she came for the next session she told me that she had been re-elected by the board….

Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki – Story 5

0starslakeA client came to a life-cycle counselling session with Sacred Heart Quantum Reiki. The topic was “Are we victims of life circumstances, events or even other people we interact with?”.

I explained that if we can find the strength, confidence and faith within ourselves it doesn’t matter what’s happening around us because then we are balanced energetically and the Universe reflects this positive energy and works for us. Then we can go with the flow of life and have wonderful things happen.

But old belief patterns we have developed in our childhood prevent us from finding the strength and confidence because we think such stupid things like “we are not loved, not save, not worthy etc.” and so on.

So we looked for those beliefs and did some Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping to release them from the mind.

Then we went into the Reiki session. When I do Reiki at my healing center I’m tuning into the divine energies by looking out of my window. I see the water moving slowly and sparkling in the sun, I hear the birds singing and the leaves rustling in the wind. Then I close my eyes, sink into the sacred spot in my heart to clear my mind and let happen.

This time I saw a place in the desert. There was a little town. But outside the town nomads had put up their tents and there were camels laying in front and a sheep running around. There was a little well out of stone and men dressed like Bedouins were getting water and talking to each other in a strange language. Suddenly I saw him and knew it was Jesus. He sat down beside the well and soon was surrounded by people who wanted to hear what he has to say. He looked at them and said: “What’s all this worrying about? Why are you always doubting yourself? Can’t you see that the Divine is inside of you all? You have all the strength you need and all the skills you need inside of you! If you have faith into the Divine within yourself you can live your life freely and without any fear!”

When I told my client about my vision she said: “This picture you’re describing is very encouraging for me and there is a passage in the bible. I will look it up and mail it to you.”

In the evening I found this nice message in my mailbox:

Hi Monika,
I just looked up the passage in John about Jesus and the woman at the well.  It’s in John chapter 4 (in the new Testament, right after Luke). 
I found it very interesting how it fit with what you saw and heard from Jesus!
Thanks again! ….and have a wonderful Weekend!